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best way to grow cannabis indoors without lights

Best way to grow cannabis indoors without lights

Keep a grow journal. There are many ready-made journals tailored specifically for growing cannabis. You can also grab a pad or notebook and jot down daily details on watering, feeding nutrients, the days or weeks in a particular growth phase (vegetation, flowering), any insects or mold issues, and so on. Having a record of a plant’s full life-cycle will help improve future plants.

Successfully growing a cannabis plant indoors is all about covering the plant’s basic needs: air, light, temperature, water, and nutrients. So, if you get those things right, your homegrown cannabis plant could provide much more than a fun experiment. And considering that indoor cannabis plants can grow a few feet tall and equally wide, you should anticipate young plants to take up more space by the time they reach maturity.

When growing in your home’s natural environment, choose a strain that will best match up with the general temperature and humidity of your home. If you use air conditioning in the summer, then you might want to select an indica-dominant cultivar that can thrive in milder temperatures. If your home is hot and humid during the summer, then a sativa-dominant strain might be a better choice.

There are two types of plants a grower might consider: autoflowering varieties or photoperiod varieties.

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To maximize the amount of daily sunlight your plant receives, work with the seasons. The total number of daylight hours vary depending on where you are, but in the Northern Hemisphere a good rule of thumb is to germinate your seeds around the Spring Equinox.

Many hobbyist growers elect to use grow tents, closets, or other enclosed spaces when growing cannabis indoors, often outfitting these spaces with lights and even humidity and temperature control systems. Depending on your level of interest and enthusiasm, these systems can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

There are two types of plants a grower might consider: autoflowering varieties or photoperiod varieties. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Not necessarily. “The more effort and energy you put into a plant, the bigger and better your harvest will be,” said Jimmy. “I think that’s a pretty universal truth in the gardening game, but I’ve definitely been surprised by how well plants can do without the elaborate tents, fans, filters, feeding systems, and so on.”

Bottom line: Photoperiod plants will require several months of your time and attention, whereas some autoflowering plants complete their life cycles in as little as 49 to 56 days. This is something folks might not consider when getting started with cannabis — you have to tend to it often and be present through the plant’s life cycle. So if you’re planning a vacation or work might take you away from home, an autoflower strain might make more sense for you.

Best way to grow cannabis indoors without lights

As long as you have adequate drainage, the soil will not stay waterlogged and the risk of root rot is minimal. It’s only when the water has nowhere to go and sits in the bottom of the pot that root rot and lack of oxygen become an issue.

It depends a lot on what you want.

In general, the flowering stage lasts a minimum of 2 months (or 8 weeks) and some strains of cannabis need to be flowered for 3 to 4 months. Then it is time to harvest.

So anyway, being a novice on the LED front… like everyone else, my simple question was, “Which one should I buy?”… Well, you’d go to 20 sites and end up with a list of 20 different lights… I was beginning to ask myself if I could be bothered with the hassle until I stumbled upon your site where you gave a great unbiased review on the Phlizon range of CREE COB lights and I didn’t look back… That was just what I needed… You recommended them and said why… With my small set up, the 1000w was perfect for my needs and two weeks into the grow my plants look closer to three weeks old… Lovely, happy and healthy plants… I’m delighted with your advice, delighted with my lamp (which didn’t break the bank) and delighted with my grow (so far)

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Once new white hairs have stopped growing, wait until 40% of them have darkened at least. 40% is the beginning of your harvest window, but you should wait longer.

Sure, you can grow hydroponically or in a soil-less growing medium without using hydroponics, but in my quest to keep it simple, I recommend growing indoors with soil. It’s easy to find and easy to use.

Even after removing the males, you should keep a close eye on the females. It is possible for them to become hermaphrodites, which usually happens if they are stressed. If that happens, you can try removing only the section of the plant that has begun forming male parts, but I recommend removing the entire plant, just to be safe.

Harvesting Your Weed Plants

If you have any questions about growing, please feel free to leave a comment below. I read them all and will answer any questions I can.

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