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best way to grow weed soil or hydro

Best way to grow weed soil or hydro

Soil is the most traditional and the most forgiving medium, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. This method will not require prior knowledge, experience, and a lot of resources.

Growing in soil

Hydroponics means no soil is required. Instead, cannabis is planted in one of the soilless mediums such as clay pebbles, coco coir, vermiculite, or peat moss. This method implies that cannabis roots get all the nutrients from a liquid solution.

Soil Cons

Okay, so it seems as the soil is more accessible and suitable for beginners. As we mentioned, when we choose it as our medium, it is possible to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. But which is better?

Best way to grow weed soil or hydro

Closely monitoring your water’s pH and overall quality, selecting and measuring your nutrients with extreme care, and maintaining a consistent temperature are key to a productive hydroponic grow.

Sustainability is an oft-overlooked benefit of hydroponic cultivation. With soil cultivation, a significant portion of the water you use never gets to your plant’s roots. With hydroponics, you’re able to precisely deliver the exact amount of water each plant needs, without wasting any.

Since you’re going to be delivering nutrients directly to each plant, each plant’s root system requires significantly less space than with a soil grow. Less space needed for roots means you can use a grow space more effectively, whether it’s a walk-in closet or a warehouse. The only factor that will limit your number of plants and the density of your canopy is the strength and availability of light.

Save Time and Space

The increased level of control offered by hydroponics allows you to grow your plants more efficiently. By creating the ideal circumstances for plant growth, you’re able to maximize the productivity of each plant.

The classic image of hydroponic cultivation is large, intricate, expensive systems in industrial warehouse grows, but hydroponic cultivation is actually much more accessible than that.

Grow Hydroponically Indoor or Outdoor

It is worth keeping in mind, hydroponics may require a higher degree of care than a soil grow. Microorganisms in soil can help restore balance in case of issues like a pH imbalance or over-fertilization, but since hydroponic mediums don’t have this capability, you’ll need to be careful and deliberate in the ways you nurture your plants.

Hydroponics can be scaled to any grow size or type, and will confer the same advantages no matter how large or small your grow.