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best way to stop weeds growing

Best way to stop weeds growing

Pull Them By Hand – yes it is a lot of work but what better way of getting into your garden, getting close to your plants, and really seeing what is going on. It’s a great way to keep tabs on pests, diseases, fungi, watering, and the nutritional needs of your plants.

Runners – Some weeds have runners and grow in all directions at once. They will put out the runners (rhizomes) above ground and underground. If you pull up one of the runners all the others will still live on happily. If you cut it up in pieces (say with a tiller) each of the pieces will start a new plant. Alas, poison ivy is a runner type of weed. So is bermudagrass.

Weeding Is Easier With The Right Tools.

What is your favorite way to eliminate weeds in your garden? Leave a comment and let us know how some of these ideas have worked for you?

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Organic Weed Control Plan.

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The frequency and timing of your fertilizing efforts are also crucial to healthy lawns. Both vary depending on your lawn type and the length of your growing season. Most northern lawns need only one or two applications of fertilizer annually—once in fall and sometimes a second time in spring. Southern grasses might require three feedings—early to mid-spring just after the grass greens up, early summer and again in early fall.

Check the label to determine if it is safe for use around the kinds of landscape plants you have and effective against the weeds normally present.

Water Grass Infrequently and Deeply

A single redroot pigweed is able to produce up to 30,000 seeds in a season. And those seeds can remain alive in the soil for 70 years waiting to sprout and overrun your perennial border at any time.

How to Mulch Over Weeds

(For those of you who already have weeds attacking your yard, read our article on How to Get Rid of Weeds.)