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best weed growing documentary

Best weed growing documentary

A good documentary is a bit like the red pill in the Matrix: enlightening, revealing, real. After taking it, nothing will be the same again and you will see the world from an entirely new perspective. In times of fake news and “alternative truths”, blogs and videos are assuming an important role in the formation of opinions.

1. Grass – The History of Marijuana (1999)

One of the experts speaking in the film is David Nutt, Head of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs and former drugs advisor to the British government.

6. When we grow, this is what we can do (2011)

We have our documentary “cannabis the story” coming out on 4/20/20 and you can see some footage and the trailer here at http://www.cannabisthestory . Also at http://www.nectarball
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Best weed growing documentary

Alright, so as a documentary, “Breaking Habits” is not without its faults. The pacing is disjointed (pun not intended) and the editing choices are occasionally confusing. That said, the characters are absolutely wild. You thought Joe Exotic was bananas? Meet Sister Kate, a self-anointed nun who, after spending her life as a Reagan Republican, became a marijuana grower once her secretly polygamist husband conned her out of her life savings.

But there’s also a lot to be learned, too. So, in observance of 4/20 (and really, any day you like to observe), here are our picks for the best weed documentaries for some, well, higher education.

By Ashlie D. Stevens

“Rolling Papers,” Paid Video on Demand

Sister Kate — who, in her previous life as a communications professional, was known as Christine Meeusen — started a new life in Merced, California with her three children after her marriage inevitably blew up. After some starts and stops in trying to get a medical marijuana business off the ground, Sister Kate found success once she donned a nun’s habit and had all the women she employed do the same. Despite having no ties to the Catholic Church, she dubbed the group the Sisters of the Valley and fashioned herself as an “anarchist, activist nun.”

From nuns who grow to Fab 5 Freddy’s look into how American music was shaped by weed, there’s a story for everyone

As a journalist, “Rolling Papers” is one of my personal favorite documentaries on this list because it gives a super illuminating portrait of how the “Denver Post” had to adapt as a publication once marijuana became recreationally legalized in Colorado. Under “pot editor” Ricardo Baco, the paper has to navigate how to cover the topic in a way that will get people to take it seriously. In many ways, it’s like the early days of Big Food Media.

Best weed growing documentary

Grass is Greener takes a socially conscious approach to discussing marijuana legalization. The documentary was directed by Fab 5 of Yo! MTV Raps fame. Celebrity guests such as B-Real, Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg, and Killer Mike talk about the benefits of marijuana and its painful history in minority communities. Grass is Greener is an excellent introductory documentary for novice users about the cannabis law developments of the 20th century. If you’re looking for a music-heavy focus on marijuana history, check out this riveting weed documentary.

Murder Mountain is a riveting and intriguing tale about the death of Garret Rodriguez, a 29-year old marijuana grower who mysteriously went missing. This pot documentary highlights the veil of secrecy and lawlessness that exists in some pockets of the Emerald Triangle, a region in Northern California known for its cannabis cultivation that can sometimes turn deadly. Interviews with locals and law enforcement reveal a dark underbelly to the emerging legalized market. In an industry with seemingly unlimited market potential, unscrupulous individuals will do whatever it takes to get their share of the “green rush.”

3. Grass is Greener

Netflix has continuously put out pro-pot documentaries showcasing the science and stories behind medical and recreational marijuana. While many lawmakers and individuals still fear the effects of cannabis, these important documentaries are showing the relative innocuousness of this intoxicating plant. If you’re ready to learn about cannabis while consuming weed, there’s plenty of material to watch on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Narcos does a great job of fictionalizing a drug cartel’s history, but Drug Lords provides Netflix users with a true-to-life account of the rise of major drug kingpins across the world. This 2018 docu-series features eight episodes on the most prolific drug distributors that facilitated drug use throughout the world. The first four-part season features episodes on legendary drug lords such as Pablo Escobar, the Cali Cartel, Frank Lucas, and the Pettingill family. The second season showcases the stories of El Chapo, Jemeker Thompson, Christopher Coke, and Klass Bunisma.

1. Murder Mountain

Snoop Dogg has become a music, cultural, and cannabis icon. In Reincarnated, Netflix viewers can see the metamorphosis of Snoop Dogg from rapper to reggae artist. In the documentary, Snoop Dogg travels through Jamaica to discover the Rastafarian culture. Snoop Dogg collaborates with producers to chart new territory. His penchant for weed provides an insightful account of modern-day cannabis culture in its many forms. Check out this documentary if you’re a fan of hip-hop, cannabis, and reggae.