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best weed seeds to grow outdoors in ireland

Best weed seeds to grow outdoors in ireland

If you are worried neither being seen nor by the climate so buy some seeds you will give you marijuana monster plants. If you have nostalgia of the 90’s African weed, Ace Seeds Congo is for you. Botafumeiros give incredible harvest. Easy Sativa could be a very wise choice too. The Og kush, and it’s not a surprise is really good outdoor. If you are a cannabis landrace amateur, we recommend to grow the outdoor cannabis seed “the Cannabiogen Taskenti”.

We are in Spring and Summer will arrive in a few weeks. It’s time to buy some cannabis seeds for growing outdoor. To optimize the harvest and regarding your geographical situation, you need to find the perfect strain particularly if you leave in a climate type UK or Ireland.

Here is a good exemple of a little oudoor plantation you can get with good outdoor cannabis seeds.

So which Outdoor seeds should I buy?

If you are going to grow in a super discreet place and the height of the plant is not a issue, so don’t hesitate to buy outdoor cannabis seeds who can give you massive harvests. If you live in a northern climate, you will to take care of the September October rains who can damage the harvest with moist. We advice you to go for some strains like Jamaican Dream, Kilimanjaro, Northern Light, Pakistan Valley, Early Girl by Sensi Seeds, Phatt Fruity or Pyramid Seeds Wembley.

Many marijuana growers are afraid that their climate (Uk, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Sweden . ) is too wet, too dry, too cold or their season too short for good cannabis growing. Others are afraid it is impossible to be discreet with outdoor plants. Well nothing is impossible with our favorite plant.

Guerilla growing

Best weed seeds to grow outdoors in ireland

Watch Ming Flanagan's documentary where he grows it wild in a field. it grew fine, but looked like the shittiest weed you can possible smoke

I'd love to know more, please pm me everything. Where are you planning on getting the seeds? Where are you going to grow them? What's your local Garda station? Where will you sell the class a drugs? I myself am a big weed man. You'd struggle to find a bigger man for the green stuff. So please tell me all the info so I can help you

You can't grow weed here outdoors, it's too cold. There's a reason grow houses glow in the dark with the amount of heating they need

My friends did. It didn't work, we haven't the right climate for it.

No, you can grow it happily outdoors. The heat is only for maximising yields. I recall a couple of farmers in Leitrim being prosecuted about 30 to 35 years ago for growing it between rows of potatoes where it wasn't obvious from a short distance away. The Botanic gardens used to have a few plants growing outdoors in their "commercially important crops" section. It grew fine but it never lasted long.