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best weed to grow outdoors in michigan

Best weed to grow outdoors in michigan

Growers and consumers become quite fond of Gorilla Glue’s pleasant and crave worthy aromas. The strain has a smooth yet rich scent of coffee, with hints of chocolate. Of course, upon combustion, the flavors transform into a sour taste, with a punch of strong diesel. Gorilla Glue’s classic essence translates for classic effects, too. The hybrid is a heavy hitter or a one-hit-and-quit for some, with deeply relaxing effects that’ll deliver the case of the munchies.

Up-close, you’ll be blown away by AK-47’s massive buds that glisten with a crystal coating of trichomes. As for potency, AK-47 delivers mild levels of THC for a well-mannered buzz, that’s preferred for daytime use. The strain produces uplifting effects for the mood, and eases everyday stresses and anxiety, with a peaceful calm high. Do keep in mind, AK-47 is an overly pungent Michigan outdoor strain, if you have nosy or less than favorable neighbors. The strain bursts with scents of sour and sweet, earthy aromas.

Last but not least, is another legend for our outdoor strain guide – Granddaddy Purp or GDP. So many growers take on Granddaddy Purp to experience the strain’s mind-blowing appearance, and extraordinary purple buds. What the strain also delivers is an ideal temperament for one of the most potent outdoor strains, reaching up to 23%+ THC. GDP is perfect for first-time or novice growers, especially if they prefer indica effects.

4. Gorilla Glue

As one of the few states that allows home growing in addition to commercially grown cannabis, Michigan is becoming a powerhouse for indoor and outdoor crops. But, with the northern states’ naturally cooler climate, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration when growing outside. One factor that can help successful outdoor growth in Michigan, is choosing a strain that’s best suited for the regions temperatures and environment.

Some may ask, is there anything White Widow can’t do? The industry standby is also considered one of the best strains for hot humid climates, like the one Michigan boasts in its idyllic summers. The indica dominant hybrid benefits from outdoor growth overall, producing higher than average yields in ideal conditions. An award-winning strain, White Widow has deep roots from originating landrace strains, adding to its overall hardiness. Meaning, the strain can handle temperature drops, and is often recommended to beginner growers due to her ease in growth.

2. AK-47

So, if you’re in the Mitten state or neighboring states with similar climates, here’s the top 5 Michigan outdoor strains that you can turn to for maximized yields, and quality crops.

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Best weed to grow outdoors in michigan

Looks for a good outdoor strain that will offer great yields but will also be good for making concentrates. All input is greatly appreciated.

Unless you are working in some type of light dep situation just make sure you are working with a strain that finishes in 8 or less weeks. Most strains started from seed will yield well, clones yield less but cut out the work of sexing the plant. Good Luck!

And hermies come more from the source genetics than stress. We have put plants through intentional torture chambers (sad shit, makes you feel like sadist) and not forced hermies from stable, known strains. That said, abusive stress of an unstable strain can make psychopaths just like with humans. yuk. yuk.