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best weed to grow outdoors uk

Best weed to grow outdoors uk

This is one of our most potent strains, an unbelievably easy to grow autoflowering plant, great for beginners. This Indica hybrid is a very popular choice for growing outdoors in a cold harsh weather like in the UK due to her lineage.

This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow, suited for pros and beginners who will be rewarded with a prime-quality delicious resin, it’s also a great choice to grow outdoors in cold and humid climates like in the UK because of her Indica lineage.

You will be amazed by her ability to fight off bugs, and withstand cold weathers, while yielding 600gr/m2 of beautiful resinous and dense buds in around 10-11 weeks, a perfect variety for the lovers of trichome-rich strains.

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10. Strawberry Banana Auto

Even though this is a robust and resilient plant (ideal for growing outdoors), she grows quite bushy due to her Indica heritage so we highly recommend LST techniques. Because the UK has a humid and cold climate, the extremely dense buds can get mold if you don’t provide good airflow.

It’s ideal to grow Indica dominant strains and preferably good genetics that are highly resilient for cold and humid climates.

Purple Lemonade is a vigorous and sturdy strain and is a great choice both for indoor and outdoor growers who will be rewarded with beautiful purple buds that reek of a mouth-watering citrusy aroma.

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Purple Punch Auto is very easy to grow and one of our most productive strains, a great strain to grow in the UK because thanks to her Indica heritage she can yield up to 600gr/m2 even in cold climates.

Min. Temperature C°(F°)

Best weed to grow outdoors uk

Automatic Flowering Cannabis Genetics or Ruderalis as they are known originate from parts of the world which have very gold temperatures. They actually come from places where in the summer sunshine can last 24 hours a day. These plants have adapted to living in extreme environments and so are a great solution to outdoor strain choice.

The most important factor in Automatic flowering is that you can grow the marijuana plants in a set period of time rather than having to wait an entire spring and summer season to harvest your crop. Basically this means that you could wait till the sunshine is just beginning in Summer and the buds will be ready to harvest on the last day of Summer as mostly they will finish in no longer than 12 weeks.

A big issue that the outdoor marijuana cultivator might face would be pests. Pest meaning spider mites and other buds that like to eat your crop. Also you may have rodents or other animals that may quite like to munch on your plants.

Issues growing cannabis outdoors

One common issue that outdoor growers face is when buds are getting bigger in the latter flowering and rain keeps coming. If ripening buds keep getting wet and humidity is high they will ultimately end up going mouldy and ruined.

What ever your chosen outdoor climate is, you are certainly going to face a whole load of issues that you generally would not face when growing indoors.

Another issue is cold weather as when it gets too cold in the early hours of the morning say. This will not kill plants unless it is freezing temperatures but it will stump there growth quite badly.

What Strains are best for Outdoors

Issues may also arise from water sources in cases of too much water flooding your crop or not enough and your plants completely drying out and getting starved of nutrients.

We get asked this question of which cannabis strains should you grow outdoors quite often. Really the best choice for outdoor marijuana cultivation in our opinion would be to choose Autoflowering Ganja Strains. There are a number of reasons for this which we will give a basic explanation of here.

Best weed to grow outdoors uk

This Dutch Passion guide to the 10 best outdoor cannabis seeds for the UK will also offer some useful tips and tricks to maximise your chances of a successful harvest.

Cannabis growing climate in the UK

UK outdoor growers that enjoy a rich terpene profile from their harvests should enjoy the powerful buds with their intense skunky/hashy scented aroma. She is particularly easy to grow outdoors, just offer a sunny location with nutritious moist soil. Then sit back, relax and let the genetics do the work for you!

Best outdoor feminised cannabis seeds UK

Auto Critical Orange Punch has quickly become a best seller with outdoor growers. These are some of the most affordably priced autoflower seeds in the Dutch Passion collection. With very high THC levels and a fresh, zesty citrus taste this heavy yielding auto produces excellent outdoor harvests. The anti-anxiety, stress-busting high is intensely pleasurable as well as easy to grow.