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big block seeds

Big Block rockwool cube has a dimension of 15cm x 15cm x 13.5cm. It is a hydroponic substrate in which plants evolve rapidly with excellent vegetative vigour in hydroponic growing systems.

The Big Block rock wool blocks or cubes are covered by a plastic in the sides to avoid light affecting the roots enhancing a well reticular developed. It can be used directly in the grow trays or for later transplanting them to a pot.

This inert substrate is ideal for use with mineral fertilisers but controlling pH and EC in our cultivation with reading meters.

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Big block seeds

1/4 cup parmesan *optional to add calcium!

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Bundaberg was our last training facility that we opened back in 2017. It is only a training facility and we operate out of the Aerial Arts Academy. The facility is located at 87 Targo Street (opp. Dan Murphy’s). There is plenty of free parking at the Hall.

They have approximately 70 mg per 100 g, so they have some, but not enough to rely on as a decent source.


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