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Big Bud Seeds
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Big Bud Info

PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 16%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS16 to 25 oz per 3x3ft

Big Bud Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Big Bud is a four-way hybrid, four different strains that has been made for a long time. It’s one of the first attempts by Sensi at making a commercial strain for commercial growers. It’s a little touchy, but when you get it right, she flies.

Big Bud’s grow difficulty is probably a five on a scale of one to ten, but that has to do more if you want to make it into its commercial potential or not.

Big Bud is bred for indoor, but I’ve seen it grown in every situation and place you can imagine. It’s also been bred into hundreds of strains.

Big Bud’s flowering time, it’s one of those ones that shows a little variability amongst the family, so there’s some phenotype, genome type differences. It usually averages about 70 to 80 days.

The average yield for Big Bud is… this is a big one. It’s one of those ones that’s the first one I’ve seen, like people hit half pound indoors with this stuff, and outdoors can hit a couple few pounds.

Big Bud’s is one of the ones that the phenotypes carries so much variation, there really isn’t an average. It depends on which phenotype you pick out when you veg it.

Pros: it’s a good commercial bud and it will sell. It’s a good bud. Cons: the buzz could be a little better and the taste could be a lot better.

Similar strains to Big Bud is some of its progeny like our Salmon Creek Big Bud. It tastes out of this world, and it yields great, big yields. It’s been bred into a bunch of the higher yielding strains and things.

21 thoughts on “Big Bud Seeds”

  1. Cannabis seeds grow into male or female plants. The female plants produce smokable buds while male plants do not. For this reason most growers want female plants only.

  2. I came to know that winner of the Cannabis Cup 89, Big Bud seeds has a high yield and produces big, heavy buds. Big Bud is another worldwide classic and has a reputation for producing high yields. It has a massive bud to low leaf ratio. The purpose behind creating Big Bud was to produce a plant with maximum yields.

  3. Type:Mostly Indica | Origin:Oregon | Breeder:Sensi Seed Bank | Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989. Mostly Indica. All plants have guaranteed high yields, 25% has something special to it. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds. Cash cropper?s delight.

  4. What a wonderful seeds
    It’s really an excellent seed
    Is to give the plants a distinctive
    These plants are considered rare and excellent beauty and has a distinctive smell wonderful
    I hope that buy those wonderful seeds

  5. I have seen it in a lot of pictures and around the net. These buds are very very big with bounty of the crystals, if grown indoors or greenhouse. The nutrients used though must be thought out and researched. This plant makes me smile and red eyed. Not only did the plant grow very quickly, the bud did as well once the flowering course had begun. Incredible plant.

  6. A plant for expert cash croppers. These hefty ladies still amaze even experienced growers who continue returning to fill there gardens. It is more productive to wrap the lower branches since they may break because of the excessive weight.

  7. Huge frosty buds which includes a sweet skunky aroma. Generally indica hybrid of moderate height. An invaluable asset to the commercial grower. Secure the buds at 4 weeks flowering or else snappages will occur. An authentic variety however truly stabilized to ensure that virtually all seeds and not solely a handful of have within the possibility to develop phenomenal sized colas. Another proven well liked old skool favorite.

  8. Another former Cup winner by Homegrown Fantaseeds is a great addition to any souvenir seed collection.

  9. An increasingly popular strain with massive yield and heavy stone. Anticipate huge dripping from resin buds out of this one. With the ‘knock-out’ White Widow Stone after 7-8 weeks of 12/12. As a result of popularity, it’s now a permanent strain.

  10. The genetics from this Ministry of Cannabis Big Bud XXL are practically pure Indica plus its available only in the female version. The construction of the Big Bud XXL genetics is usual of Indica.

  11. Excellent skunk genetics coming from the Island. Excellent skunk taste and above average yielder.

  12. Northern Lights x Big Bud took its start with the cultivator and smoker in mind. Big Bud has ridiculous yields but is generally a little weak for the heavy smoker. Crossing Big Bud along with a very potent Northern lights has produced a far more potent bud with losing just a tiny percent of the yield. The smoke coming from Northern Lights x Big Bud is deep and rich and the flavor is lightly skunky.

  13. Big Bud is actually one of the oldest commercial strains. Big Bud is reproduced for maximum yield without likewise much compromise on quality. The branches may turn into so substantial having flowers that they could want to be actually tied up. Big Bud has some Skunk qualities along with a relatively long lasting high.

  14. This strain is VERY unstable, non autoflowering and random heights and yields.

  15. Very unstable strains and autofem they are not,bought 6 auto bud seeds suppose to be female only 3 were and they grew to 4.5 ft b4 starting to flower,by that time it was late sept ,early oct,had to dig them up and bring them in to finish,their blueberry was worse,only 2 out of 6 were female and grew to the same height as the auto bud,they all went in the ground mid-may,will never by autofem from spain products again,maybe that’s why spain’s gone broke,poor products lol!

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  17. Genetically purpleish phenos, pinkish pistilled phenos, a less frequent sativa pheno, and plenty of hybrid phenos, smells vary from soggy bread to blueberry menthol. This indicates being an afghani mexican hybrid masterfully bred for the sativa high as well as the indica frame. The real magic with this strain may be the amazing sublime sativa high, a lovely blast belonging to the past. This seed run was a wide open pollination of four males and six females, not alot, but enough to have the job done. A tiny population open pollination inside a tent means your likely to mostly the beans produced from the very first two males that opened. The super snappy sativa pheno male, as well as the fat indica dominant male. This collection is called Big Sur Holy Bbud to distinguish it away from the Big Sur Holy marijuana lines by Danbo, HHF and Reeferman. Everybody who has tried this line has falling head over heals with it.

  18. Big Bomb by Bomb Seeds seedbank is yet another exceptional addition for their new collection of marijuana seeds. With identical traits to THC Bomb, Big Bomb is really a particular favorite of Bomb Seeds themselves. Big Bomb hails from the cross of a prominent Big Bud mother along with a Bomb #1 father building a very coveted strain for all those avid souvenir cannabis seed enthusiasts.

  19. Crazy X Seeds ‘Big Haze’ is generally a sativa F1 hybrid of a classic Haze female and a Chronic male out of the Serious Seeds stable.

  20. Chill out and soothing high, recognized for its medicinal properties. Awards: 3rd place High Times Cannabis Cup (2000). Effect: Very recognized for its medicinal properties, it’s purchased from the Dutch pharmacies as prescribed medicine. Peaceful & unwinding effect. Flowering indoor: 9 weeks assures that the entire variety of cannabinoids. Commercially ready in 2 months. Yield as much as 800 gr/sqm. Really great on ScrOG and SOG systems. Flowering outdoor: Ready at the outset of October within the Northern hemisphere and in April from the Southern one. Yield as much as 1000 gr/plant.

  21. This variety has been a long time coming and indeed verifies that the times they are a changing! As contrary to popular belief this is deciduous herbaceous perennial strain! For anybody that aren’t that horticulturally conscious this means it has the capability to re-emerge after it has died. Indeed the seeds and not so frequently the plant can over winter and re-emerge come springtime, as in this small, or ought to we say big beauty will certainly auto flower the moment it’s established – if left to be, it’s going to set seeds, subsequently these seeds will develop and next these plants will perform the same thing so on and so forth ad infinitum! For anybody that have still not seen the light, this signifies that it could grow wild and if ever left unchecked will colonize the areas where it is placed! In a single season it can generate 3-4 generations of offspring and as each generation develops they’ll do the same thing! In plain English this strain could certainly grow wild and also colonize – if left will come back having a vengeance every season there after! This strain possesses very similar genetic qualities as the Long John Silver (auto flowering) variety however is more productive both in yield and active ingredients compared to its more mellow younger brother. Other seed banks have tried to buy the entire supply from us to stop these seeds hitting the market for fear of what this would do to the seed industry! But lol this is more important than mere money! – let these seeds go forth and prosper and re take what is rightfully theirs 🙂