Big Buddha Seeds Review

Big Buddha Seeds Review

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With 14 strains currently on the market, Big Buddah is an established breeder that is producing unique and genetically superior seeds. UK Cheese is the backbone of many of the Big Buddah strains, providing new and interesting results for the consumer. With various cup-winning strains, Big Buddah is an excellent choice for any grower.

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  1. Reeferman Seeds presents Willie Nelson which is an f1 hybrid involving Vietnamese Black and Highland Nepalese. It’s Willie Nelson’s most popular strain; you can imagine the legend was quite honored to have it called after him. It possesses a sweet lemongrassy flavour, a great resistance to mold and produced a friendly, soaring high.

  2. This Ministry of Cannabis presents Kandahar. This strain is a very long time established mix of an Afghani strain, grown in the hills throughout the town of Kandahar, along with a Skunk. Kandahar took its structure belonging to the Afghani parent, it’s going to satisfy perhaps the most understanding seed collector.

  3. Reeferman Seeds presents Panama Red is generally known as this because of the red hairs it produces. It’s a virtually identical genuine strain to Colombian Punta Rojo provided by Colombia but is significantly stronger. It’s a fine breeding strain.