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black joy seeds

A Garden of Black Joy’s anthology of poems, interviews, and essays spotlight black joy not only as a resource of abundance, but as a mode of self-defense. Poets from Berlin to Kiambu, Antwerp, London, and beyond provide a sketch of what black joy means in this moment and how to make use of it in the name of the future. Featuring poets such as Julian Randall, Quintin Collins, Tara Betts, and Donte Collins, this collection invites voyages to new worlds and new languages to combat constraints and say yes to possibility. A Garden of Black Joy says insurrection starts with seeds, suggestions, and sweetness. With what is gathered here, we begin at a point of departure to grow another future through the literary arts. This collection is a project of Black Table Arts, an emerging arts organization that conjures other worlds through black art by connecting communities and cultivating volume in black life. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Black Table Arts puts black joy on legs and walks it into the living room of the future. It grows community through public programming such as the Black Lines Matter writing classroom at the Loft Literary Center and the Because Black Life Conference.

The Artisan Communities:
This incredible team of Artisans are empowered women, working hard to rise above at- risk areas by providing steady jobs to sustain their families and help the development of their communities. The opportunities are growing and the communities are expanding to offer men employment as well.
While their family told them that they would not be able to work making necklaces and take care of their homes; these amazing women said: “watch me do it!” and they decided to take the challenge of being part of this project.
Today, these women are the main providers for their families, many times earning more than their husbands. They now have the empowerment that allows them to make important decisions in their families, including the education of their children.

The environment thanks you. Low Energy, Local Resources, Well Managed Resources, No Toxins, Re-purposed, Low Waste product development.

Handmade in El Salvador
Lula is an inspiration. She’s an amazing woman that puts her incredible talent to great use as an AGENT OF CHANGE. Born in El Salvador, Lula Mena has a long history with artisan design. She designs eco-friendly fashion accessories, handmade by at risk women & artisan communities of El Salvador that bring together fashion, innovation & love for the world.

Necklace Measures 16″
Made from naturally grown black seeds and faceted crystals.
Adjustable closure.
Fair Trade & Artisan Handmade in El Salvador

Happily, more and more consumers are asking for fair trade products and looking to make socially conscious purchases. This is just another way for you to be a nice human!

Beautifully handcrafted, this necklace is a statement like no other. truly one of a kind. Takes an ordinary outfit to Extraordinary! Hollywood loves this collection!
Made of quality, natural & re-purposed materials. Natural black, seed elements create a necklace with a story, being eco-friendly & elegant at the same time. The seeds are local grown, naturally gathered & hand selected for the highest quality necklace design. “Seeds of Joy” is a collection based on the growing Hope of Global Unity.

Each piece captures passion & love of design, heavily influenced by an amazing woman named Lula Mena. Lula says, “My designs are based on 5 principles: eco-friendly, handmade, fair trade, innovation and the empowerment of women.” We love having her & the artisan community of El Salvador as part of the High 5 Humans movement of high style & inspirational souls. We agree with Lula, that wearing these accessories brings each of us the hope that, “All that you vividly imagine & your heart desires… will inevitably happen.”

When she became a mother, Lula experienced the importance of being fully present with her children, and was aware of the benefits of having a flexible schedule. She wanted to offer women in rural areas of the country the same opportunity of having a job that allowed them to have a steady income, and at the same time be present for their families. Lula quickly realized that she could use her designs as tools for social change, so she began to work with more communities, using a variety of techniques and materials that were available in El Salvador.

Happily, more and more consumers are asking for fair trade products and looking to make socially conscious purchases.
High5Humans and YOU are making this a better world.
Thank you so much for being a NICE HUMAN!

Black joy seeds


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