Black Widow Seeds

Black Widow Seeds
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Black Widow Info

PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 25%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 oz per 3x3ft

Black Widow Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

A most notorious strain which has obtained praise from almost all corners of the globe – rightly so. It possesses a pedigree of parentage which includes a Brazilian Sativa along with a South Indian hybrid. A lot more dependable compared to the original White Widow having a better yield. 1 of 5 plants being a long sought for keeper. The smell is much like that of an excellent wine. The flavor is of spicy herbs, Indian, accompanied by a thick intensive dense smoke. Very seductive. X-Line Black Widow is essential for the sativa enthusiast and indica lover who’d like to try a sativa. Indoors 9 weeks of flowering will likely be necessary to notice the enormous resin production. Outdoor: Within the northern hemisphere anticipate harvest close to September/October, having planted as late as June. Nevertheless, there’s an opportunity in which rain could reduce the expected yield. X-Line Black Widow is a strongly suggested strain.

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  1. ACE Seeds presents Vietnam Black x Thai. This is a wonderful strain to conserve in seed form for wealth and the genetics it possesses are outlined in its name.

  2. It proceeds to be chosen by New York City Diesel, probably the most honored plants in the cannabis cups. This Sativa plant has sizeable and dense buds, high yield, one-of-a-kind taste and ripe grapefruit fragrance. It is simple to grow both outdoors and indoors and generates large crops. It’s not a mold resistant plant, which discourages from cultivating it in extremely humid environments.

  3. Black Water standard marijuana seeds by way of the Cali Connection Seedbank is the product of 1st generation Mendo Purps strain mixed along with the well known SFV OG Kush F3. The potent cannabis phenotypes and esteemed genetics resulted in a tough project with consideration to the crew that name the newest common marijuana strains, so Swerve referred to it as after his most liked song, Black Water! The target was to acquire the deepest, darkest Purple OG Kushes available. Congrats, objective is now complete.

  4. The Black is surely an incredible indica not for your light-of-heart, that extends back for the late 1980’s in California likewise as on Vancouver Island. This medication is absolute to sooth and provide, with beautiful crystal blanketed fan leaves that switch from dark purple to black in the course of flowering. Having an instantaneous high plus a soothing narcotic nature, The Black tends to make an extremely beneficial nighttime herb. With this sort of a prestigious lineage this indica structured marijuana seed strain is gonna to be a terrific hit and its reputation will probably be likely to grow.

  5. Searching for a genuine medical strain, we considered the best-sellers of the US medical dispensaries. One of those particular strains wasn’t merely a best-seller for it medical qualities, but additionally as the greatest tasting variety. A stable multi hybrid of short squat indica’s and short sativa’s. Seeds were made accessible to us and ended up being fairly simple to grow. Thus, right here we possess an easy to grow amazingly short strain famous for it’s taste and effect. And also the odd part is it grows just like an indica; short and squat just like a NL, achieving a size of 40 – 50cm, yet has lots of sativa aroma and flavour. A flowery, licourice, fresh smell with a distant little earthy afghan undertone. Fundamentally, she grows just like an indica, yet has got the qualities of a sativa. Exactly why Black Sugar? Having temperatures on the lower side, flowers turn dark purple-ish/blue-ish and when dried black-ish/purple-ish covered in resin “”sugar””.

  6. Delicious Feminized Seeds Black Russian is a fusion of White Russian and along with Black Domina.

  7. Black Honey Haze via Holy Smoke Seeds are regular Seeds which are often regarded as a flagship strain for Holy Smoke Seeds. This multi-cross combines the best of African genetics with an award winning pre ’99 Super Silver Haze, with the addition of Strawberry Rez (a flavoured Hash plant renown for it’s genetic makeup). This awesome hybrid is a myriad of prestigious cannabis seed strains and as such the resultant cross is a cannabis seed which has a Sativa and Indica blend at a 60:40 ratio respectively. Truly another great strain from the Holy Smoke Seed Bank.

  8. Transport oneself back into the 70’s exactly where the Colombian was increasingly popular. These scarce landrace strains handpicked coming from Colombia include an amazing taste and fragrance unlike any strain available. You’ve got to test yourself to imagine it. An original sativa of mindblowing dimensions found solely at Gage Green.

  9. Light endogamic mixture of two exceptional indica varieties. The Misty gene was groundbreaking in the BOs. The origin from this variety is guarded secret but, granted its high CBD levels, Positronics chose to preserve it by importing it straight from the US. Throughout the mid nineties, White Widow was unveiled and quickly became one of the more prestigious varieties available. Positronics chose to combine both varieties and advise its use for medicinal purposes because of its higher level of CBD concentration. Robust, compact, bushy plant. Very short internodal distance with thick and durable stems. The foliage is tremendously broad and large with evidently defined veins. Moderate volume of leaves and maximum level of chalices (buds) which get very hard, which can be appreciated by commercial growers.

    Outside, can reach a height of about 1.5-2m. Indoors, they have difficulty reaching 1m. Intolerant to higher humidity levels in later lowering stages. Generally well immune to pests. Strong floral smell that’s a fusion b/w fresh mint and forest floor. It is really a touch of floral explosion. Utilization of an active carbon filter is utterly required. A lingering menthol aftertaste that’s challenging to forget. A true delicatessen experience for fulfillment seekers.

    Very sedative and calming with very high CBD levels. Undoubtedly among the best varieties for medicinal use. Its use is suggested late in the day with clearly introspective qualities.

  10. Reeferman Seeds Blackseed is mainly a Mexican IBL which goes back to around 1974 and had been motivated by early BC cannabis culture. It holds as evidence that powerful cannabis isn’t a current phenomenon. It’s also has been identified as the pound plant because it is a huge sativa delivering huge yields. Reeferman Black Seed provides huge roots and generates decent sized frosty light greenish lemony buds. It possesses an old-school sativa effect and is excellent for breeding.

  11. Its effect is relaxing, physical, strong and durable with a high therapeutic value for its instant effectiveness. It’s two 100% indica strains necessitate a greater vegetative stage and a higher amounts of nutrients lead to the formation of its large and tight buds with intense aromas of Afghans.

  12. Samsara Seeds Sweet Black Angel Feminized is a result of a cross between the most unusual and award-winning plants in cannabis history: the most Indica among the Sativas, Super Silver Haze crossed with the pure Indica of Black Domina.

  13. Black Domina & the legendary Sensi Star. Willy Jack Seeds have crossed these two amazing strains to create a beauty.

  14. Black Widow from Willy Jack is basically White Widow with changing colours.

  15. First Lady is the queen mother from the White Widow strain. Probably the most appreciated and recognized sort of recent years in Holland. And because the name suggest, absolutely white with crystals. Constantly places high throughout the numerous cannabis competitions, and got 2nd prize (Hydro) High Life 1998. Very delicate taste along with a cool high.

  16. Kulu Seeds have produced this indica. The famous White Widow strain dominated the 90s and has won many, many awards in the various cups.

  17. This plant features a very medicinal effect, along with high CBD content and therefore suited to treating many illnesses and chronic aches. Medium THC percentage, therefore it is appropriate for everyday medicine. Sea of green growing method is great for this variety. Between 25 and about 30 plants can be put inside a square metre, forming a snug, consistent, green surface. Very sharp scent, its acidity and sweet taste will mix within your mouth and disclose to you the strength of the authentic White Widow.

  18. White Widow appeared on the market in 1995 and it’s been the dominator for the scene from the time. White Widow is a mix of Brazilian and Indian.

  19. A most infamous strain that since 1994 has won a number of awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, and has acquired acclaim from most corners of the globe – deservedly so.

  20. Mango x Widow is another set of legendary Seeds from our friends at the Mr Nice Seed bank. This marijuana seed holds some very unique properties and claims some very prestigious lineage. The combination of the genetic make up is very impressive and combines two superb hybrids into a single plant line. Its origins are taken from all corners of the globe and manifest as excellent flavors and tastes that everyone should try one time in their life. These Seeds are excellent for medicinal cannabis users and those with a medical marijuana need.

  21. This variety is the result of crossing Widow and Critical, choosing plants more productive with the highest quality of this bank. Aroma intense, fruity taste and powerful effect.