Black Widow Weed Seeds

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Black Widow Cannabis Seeds

This strain of cannabis seeds called Black Widow is pretty widely known in the marijuana world. As one of the most popular strains, this plant produces a potent bud and contains a high level of THC at 18%, making it a strong Indica strain as well. It contains a cross of the strains South American Sativa and South-Indian Indica.

Black Widow has also been known to produce its own hybrid child strains, like Clockwork Orange, one of the more potent strains out there.

Black Widow Strain Explained

The plant is also the sibling of the other commonly known cannabis strain White Widow. It was created as the darker-colored version of the White Widow cannabis strain, by crossbreeding it. You can recognize Black Widow marijuana buds by its densely-packed leaves, very dark purple (almost black) specks, and orange frayed pieces throughout. It is quite an attractive looking plant when it flowers!

The term Black Widow comes from the dark colors throughout the buds. It can be recognized by the physical appearance of this cannabis plant as it looks quite interesting – it almost appears as one solid piece. In terms of the aroma, it is said that the Black Widow strain has a fruity scent, with notes of pine, florals, and herbs. The flavor that comes with it is earthy.

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There is some interesting history behind the strain that was concocted in the late 90s. It is said that the Black Widow was an alternative to White Widow due to some conflicts with its creators and claimants over the creation of the strain’s genetics. One of the creators split from the original pair and decided to rename it and produce it on his own.

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Black Widow Regular Seeds – 18

Black Widow is better known by its other name – White Widow. Upon its release in 1994 it won numerous admirers and the very next year was awarded the 1st. Prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Black Widow is the product of a cross between a Brazilian sativa with a hybrid from South India.

Black Widow is a small to medium-sized vigorous plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors. Indoor growers will be able to harvest between 350 – 450 gr/m 2 in 10 weeks of flowering for the best resin production. Buds will be dense and white with resin crystals. The smell is fairy strong so it might be a good idea to use some air-filtering depending on neighbour issues. When cultivated outdoors and sown during June as much as 300 – 400 gr/plant will be produced with harvest in the northern hemisphere being around the end of September or early October. This harvest date has implications for those living in regions that experience a lot of rain at that time as harvest could be compromised. In such cases greenhouse cultivation could well provide the answer.

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This is a good strain for amateur breeders to experiment with and Mr. Nice recommends using selected males for this purpose. The aroma and flavour are quite smooth and floral. The production of THC is in the high category and often reaches 20%. The effect is initially very physically hard-hitting and dramatic in its attack but this evolves into a more relaxed and cerebral feeling. Black Widow has therapeutic applications for pain relief and muscle spasms.

Black Widow strain

The Black Widow strain is an endogenous cross of two excellent Indica strains. Misty genetics had revolutionized the 80s, although its origin remains shrouded in mystery and unknown to this day.

Positronics decided to preserve the genetics and imported the strain from the USA. Then, in the mid-90s, White Widow emerged and became one of the most famous as well as popular cannabis strains. Positronics crossed the two with each other with great success.

The plant is very vigorous, compact and branches strongly. It has short distances between internodes, long woody branches and very large leaves. Black Widow produces a maximum amount of flowers that are very firm, compact and covered with a lot of resin.

Outdoors, Black Widow can grow 1.5 – 2m tall, indoors it will reach a maximum height of 1m. The strain is generally very resistant to pests. Tip: It does not like large amounts of fertilizer, so fertilize rather weakly. Especially for medicinal use, the use of purely biological fertilizers is recommended.

The effect is strongly sedative and relaxing. Black Widow has therefore also been found to be helpful in sleep disorders. If the plant is brought into a dark, well-ventilated room 2-3 days before harvesting, you can again significantly increase the resin production!

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Aroma: Black Widow gives off a strong smell of flowers fused with fresh mint and forest peat. Beware, the smell is a kind of floral explosion. Be sure to use activated carbon filters!

Taste: A mentholated aftertaste lingers on the palate. The Black Widow is undoubtedly a delicacy for gourmets.