Blimburn Seeds Review

Blimburn Seeds Review

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We are breeders, and our genetics are unique because Blimburn Seeds do not repackage seeds, or produce for others. Blimburn Seeds is the result of years of study, in cultivation and breeding of the cannabis plant that finally has materialized in this new brand. Blimburn Seeds will change the creation and distribution of cannabis seeds in this country and perhaps in the whole world. Our main objective, apart of create good-tasting genetic, good production and high psychoactive levels, is to achieve maximum stability of our strains.

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  1. Short Rider is regarded as a hybrid of our own terminated strains Early Special and Top 44. Top 44 is certainly an industry favorite due to its capability to generate commercially worthwhile quantities of skunky, strong buds in a mere 44 days of flowering. Regardless that Early Special itself is lacking in this element, its Siberian Ruderalis genes provide Short Rider the unique capability to autoflower to flower separately of light cycles. This implies it’s not essential to conserve a strict lighting routine for this strain it’ll flower irregardless! Short Rider is essential for growers with only a little space or who only desire to finish extra early on. The quality is incredible thinking of how very little time it requires to finish.

  2. Caramalla is a variety with huge fat tops, lengthy colas and with a pleasant fresh caramel odor. This variety has become bred during the past 15 years with heaps of success. This Sativa/Indica hybrid is crossed back and picked on flavor and a higher leaf/calyx ratio. Wonderful yield, uplifting high, simple to grow and plenty of crystals, a gorgeous plant. Flowering time around 8 to 9 weeks. Outside: Very first weeks of September.

  3. White Widow mixed with Haze and Skunk is the inspiration for this one of a kind Brainstorm.The long narcotic buzz will have you pleading for more of this incredible cannabis. Relax and get prepared for unknown heights. Was formerly identified as Pyramid.