Blk.seeds Review

Blk.seeds Review

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Bulkseeds is a team of professionals from different parts of the planet specialized in wholesale implementation of marijuana seeds of high quality. We keep prices low to attract commercial growers and other customers who are on the market for many years. We constantly develop new types and now we possess all the best of the world products Jack Herrer, White Widow, Chronic, Amnesia. All genetics is closely adapted for outdoors and indoors with artificial light. In the past you could find Bulkseeds only in sealed packages of 100000 seeds in them. But by multiple requests and for more convenience, beginning this year our company widened the production and put on the market smaller packages of 20fem , 50fem, 100fem with protective elements.

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  1. A cross between these two powerful Indicas created a plant with great bud structure and size reminiscent of her parents. The flavour is sweet and thick with an expected heavy stone. Yields of 60-85 grams / 2-3 ounces when grown in a two gallon pot and flowered for 7-8 weeks.

  2. Brains Damage is a one-hit knock-out, Acapulco (Mexico) x Mango 2001 x Hawai ’93 x KC636 NO MORE THINKING!

  3. White Diamonds by Alphakronik Genes provides smokers the chance to sample traits from the White, the world renowned clone only belonging to the USA. Planning to include a few softer flavors along with a little more “oomph” towards the high, AKG used their Spacequeen F2 male to usher in some vanilla scent and a little more stretch. Give White Diamonds a whirl, we’re sure you shall not be disappointed.

  4. Time Warp – its dependable outdoor reputation has said everything. It is an astounding outdoor strain very pungent and very large yield. Is achievable indoors in addition. Heavy stone along with purple colours.