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blood star seeds

Blood star seeds

It does even matter if you are a Starseed or not.

Many people start to think and believe that they are entities from other Galaxies who came here to help humanity.

Now that we have explored the 5 Staseed Types, we continue with the Blood Types these souls have after incarnation in a human body.

Starseed Types

Many people fall into illusions because they do not accept the life they have, the life they have created for themselves, and try to find another answer to these questions.

We need to understand that we are all here to help each other become the best version of ourselves.

These persons have a rare blood type and are not so easy to find, let say that.

What Starseeds Are and Why are They Here?

We need to understand that these souls are from many races, and not all of them come here for the help of humanity.

It is essential to have a spiritual teacher or mentor that can help you with guidance and protection if you’re at the beginning of your spiritual journey, so you will not fall into a trap.

Blood star seeds

15. Feel great urgency, a short time to complete important goals, a special mission.
16. Experiences a buzzing or a clicking sound or a high pitched mechanical whine in the ears prior to, or during, some psychic event or warning of danger.
17. Most have asthma
18. Had unseen companions as a child
19. Had a dramatic awakening experience around the age of five which often took the form of a white light and/or a visitiation by human-appearing beings who gave information, guidance, or comfort.
20. Have since maintained a continuing contact with beings which they consider to be angels, masters, elves, spiritual teachers or openly declared UFO intelligences. Are probably contactees.
21. Had a serious accident, illness, or traumatic experience around the age of eleven or twelve which encouraged them to turn inward.
22. Appear to have unusual abilities which are considered paranormal by their peers and family – they are psychic and people, whether they scoff or not, know to listen to them when they speak of having seen something
23. Many have red hair
24. Appear to have unusual abilities far above average in specialized areas, such as art, music, mathematics, drama, the natural sciences, healing, etc.
25. Often express an alien planetary environment in their art work, fantasies, dreams. May have spoken of their “other” home during childhood.
26. Find that children and animals appear strongly attracted to them – includig wild animals who seem to have no fear of them.
27. May have “mystic crosses” on their palms
28. Experience an unsual attraction to natural crystals and certain rocks
29. May have frequent nose bleeds
30. May have hemophilia (along with the ability to control it)

8. Some interest in the New Age movement, but You balance it with your daily activities.

21. You have respect for authority and people in positions of power.