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blue and cream seeds

Blue & Cream is a cross between the fabled GMO (Chem Dog x GSC Forum Cut) and TK x TKM10 (Triangle Kush x Afghani #1). With such robust strains in its pedigree Blue & Cream is unsurprisingly a formidable strain itself. GMO’s euphoric high, the potency of Triangle Kush and the intoxicating nature of the Afghani #1 meld together harmoniously and provide effects that our testers are describing as relaxing, calming, euphoric, and sleepy.

Expect Blue & Cream to provide a new and exciting olfactory experience for old-school cannabis users and newcomers alike. Traditionally off-putting aromas like moth balls and musty clothes mingle with a deep savory character and blend into a scent that is as unique as it is strangely alluring. And thanks to our phenotype’s GMO-heavy disposition, buttery notes of garlic and incense can be detected during consumption. We’re proud to present Blue & Cream to our patients and we hope you’re as impressed with it as we are.

The newest addition to our strain menu is Blue & Cream: a potent, pungent cross that combines three classic strains into something unique and powerful. Blue & Cream is our second selection from Florida team Swamp Boys Seeds who previously bred the Breakwater crowd-pleaser, Banana Puddintain.

Potential Symptom Relief: Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain, Restlessness

Blue and cream seeds

• Outdoors, provided that all the conditions are fulfilled, up to 3 kg!

It’s wonderful that this cannabis seed, based on feedback, give great results in different growing conditions, and even hydroponics is well suited.

There have been changes in cannabis seed breeding and the result is high CBD hybrids. A prominent representative of the new trend is the CBD Blue Cream Indica-Sativa strain. These cannabis seeds with a healing effect can be bought with delivery whenever it is convenient for you.


First-class Sativa and Indica strains bred in the USA were used for hybrid breeding. That is why cannabis seeds grow into powerful, hardy, healthy plants that demonstrate record yields:

• Indoors it is possible to harvest 400 g from 1 sq.m.;


When used, an aroma is felt, comparable to excellent Afghani hash, with hints of lemon and mint. It has a mild effect, allows you to relax and feel a rush of happiness. There is no impact on everyday life.

How to germinate Blue Cream Berries tomato seeds:

A small cherry with a very mild delicate complex sweet creamy flavour. Extremely prolific. Tends to crack if there are broad swings in soil hydration of dry to wet so best if soil is kept constantly moist. Recent introduction. Open pollinated.

Sow 5 mm deep. Keep moist; plastic cover improves success. Opt. germination temp: 18-25 C. Days to germ: 5-10. We use warmed moist medium (25-28C) when sowing. Equally warm water is used to mist in the seeds so there is good seed/medium contact. This jump starts the germination process. When watering your tomatoes ALWAYS use warm 25-28C water. This keeps the root mitochondria happy and vigorous. After all a plant is only as good as its roots. Give strong indirect light. After the 3rd true leaf, they’re transplanted from plug trays into individual containers. Medium is amended with rock phosphate, Gaia Green 4-4-4, and green sand. Once a week, the warm water is amended with 1 tbsp soluble kelp powder (2-2-16) and 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses per 5 gallon bucket. BTW: blossom end rot is a nutritional disorder caused by a lack of calcium causing fruit to rot from the blossom end. Use mulch to retain moisture. Never hit them with cold water