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Blue Cheese Seeds
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Blue Cheese Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 19%
CLIMATEIndoors and cool climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS5 to 9 oz per 3x3ft

Blue Cheese Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

The world renowned Skunk #1 Cheese pheno bred with the initial Blueberry line. These are the regular seeds, though you can also acquire the Feminized varieties in the Barney’s Farm Feminized Seed section.

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  1. An exclusively developed autoflowering cross of Blue Cheese, Purple #1 and Auto #1 (Lowryder/Ruderalis). Incorporating the Ruderalis and Purple #1 has permitted us to decrease the overwhelming cheese odour while sustaining a compact, tight flower structure. Purple Cheese is regarded as much more indica as compared to sativa because of the dominant Cheese genetics and produces a classic, strong intense body stone. High amounts of CBD is likely to make this strain a competitor for medicinal use. You can find a small fruity flavor to the smoke along with musty overtones from the original Cheese. Purple Cheese can produce purple/blue hues both in leaves and buds and colder night time temperatures is likely to make the purple more extensive and vibrant. This autoflowering strain ought to remain within the range of 50-80cm in height, making it excellent for closets, balcony or places where space is limited, or concealment is essential.

  2. Big Buddha’s Feminized Cheese seeds of the famous strain originating from the UK.

  3. Introducing ‘Cheese Dawg’, the very first ‘Chemdawg 91’ crossed together with Big Buddha Cheese ‘reversed’ pollen. Chemdawg descends from the United states from some seeds that were located in some marijuana scored coming from a concert from the ‘Grateful Dead’ way back in 1991. Since that time ‘Chemdawg’ has become a premium quality proven strain which has a unique ‘chemmy’ taste and pleasurable knockout high. ‘Chemdawg’ continues to be succesfully used being a backbone for breeding the majority of the top American strains you observe today. Crossing the ‘Chemdawg’ with this winning Cannabis Cup strain Big Buddha Cheese you’ll certainly locate a top shelf, connoisseur strain!

  4. Cheese N Chaze Marijuana Seeds presented by Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank. This strain is a Super SIlver Sour Diesel Haze crossed with Exodus Cheese. Connoisseur Genetics offer several of the premier marijuana seed strains available and after that install a twist. Using anywhere possible the initial prize winning varieties Connoisseur Genetics subsequently add in phenotypes created to make the greatest even greater. The initial Exodus Cheese marijuana strain is hit along with the legendary SSSHD or Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze to create a stunning cheese lovers fantasy. With really smelly attributes these Seeds are proof of the breeders art.

  5. We’ve crossed two of the best commercial genetics: Cheese, a unique female derived from Skunk x Kush which first appeared 1988-89 and which was cultivated somewhere in the Chiltern Hills by the squatter collective known as Exodus that was central to UK cannabis-related activity throughout the 90s. It produces impressively large buds and has a distinctive cheesy odour.

    Quickly cloned and baptised as Cheese, we’ve taken this beautiful specimen and crossed it with one of our best strains; Caramelo, which is a spectacular selection of the best exotic Lavender Indica and Sativa phenotypes (Super Skunk – Big Skunk Korean – Afghani-Hawaiian). This plant produces dense bunches of resin-covered buds emanating a lavender and passion fruit aroma. An explosive commercial combination, this plant produces enormous buds in heavy lateral bunches covered in millions of trichomes bursting with a mild cheesy fragrance.

    Dare to try our Cheese Candy. Its yeasty cheese taste with liquorice and caramel overtones will blow your mind. While the initial effect is euphoric, after a few minutes it will leave you in a very relaxed and pleasurable state and is therefore recommended for daily therapeutic use.

  6. A well-known selection which began in the UK. Its account is straightforward and, for several real reasons, its genetics are the highest popular throughout the nation. For countless people within the UK, an imperative reference for recognizing if a strain of marijuana is worthwhile is its evaluation along with cheese. The cause for this Its intense, long-lasting and aromatically Indica flavour of cheese, a little something quite similar to a strong, well-cured, classic cheese, the kind of cheese which makes your very own mouth drip water when you think of it. Definitely, there is greater than just flavor to this one strain. The glaze of crystals which blanket the flowers from this aromatic variety is solid enough to cause you to smoke it as contrary to eat it along with a first-rate wine and bread! It makes a well-balanced effect, a cerebral and physical mix. Therefore, it incorporates an obvious volume of CBD, which softens the volume of THC incorporated within the resin. With 8 week blooming and lush heavy harvests, it has been provided among the Top Ten through everyone of the coffee-shops within Amsterdam and presented an award in the High Times Cannabis Cup, it goes without mention the thousands of Britons wild about this variety. All this matches the landscape of success and worldwide appreciation that it has obtained. Its facet is languid, having lengthy slender stalks and outstretched leaves, an heirloom by its skunk ancestry, but the flowers it makes are plentiful and thick and, anytime shown to the appropriate low temperatures, obtain a light violet coloring. fate selected it to become initially created within the security measures of a covert movement located in the UK, an alternative squatter’s community named Exodus. Within the 1990s, it became a center for cannabis activities that was virtually tolerated by the local authorities and that resulted in a variety that is at this time Number 1 inside the UK. Perhaps it will be categorized as a highly commercial variety, equivalent to Power Plant, Big Bud, Skunk # 1, or Critical +, as these varieties, alongside Cheese, are certainly big yielders, compact and quick. Having said that, what is extremely important is that this strain mesmerizes everybody that possesses the option to try it because of its moderate effect, light flavor and the overall pleasurable feeling it makes.

  7. Dutch Passion’s Dutch Cheese is a 60% Sativa, 40% Indica strain. Made from the best cheese genetics that were crossed with various other strains. The perfect genetics to boost Cheese eventually came from Dutch Passion’s Euforia – a potent Skunk selection. The crossbreeding using Euforia hasn’t compromised the cheesy characteristics at all, but it did give the strain improved potency and significant yield improvements. This Feminized Dutch Cheese is perfect for indoor/greenhouse Cannabis Seed growers.

  8. One of the most popular clone-only strains in the UK is now available in seed form. The growers who liked the Cheese will adore the Exodus Cheese. 2 months flowering time indoors, having a production as much as 800 grams per square meter(under 1000 Watt of light per square meter). Outdoors it is done by end of September, and may generate as much as 800 grams per plant (with very big plants). It is a very branchy plant with a great lateral development. It could use support regarding the branches in the course of flowering. The effect is incredibly stoned, effective medicinally against pain and insomnia. It possesses a very mossy, earthy flavor, with woodsy notes. Plant suggested for growers with prior grow-experience.

  9. UK Cheese/Aloha White Widow mixed with UK Cheese/Aloha White Widow, about 8 to 9 weeks flowering time. This is sometimes a taller plant, this took on much more of the AWW then the Cheese. Extremely smooth smoke features a combination of earth and tropical tastes, likewise helps with pain.

  10. The strain that has taken Spain by storm this past year is finally accessible for all to sample. Fernando, the Balearic bud king, has produced a wonder plant! Crossing the aromatic Cheese accompanied by a notably potent and sweet Chronic, the mixture is a smoker’s delight. The unique Cheese flavour remains , however with an additional sweet, sugary twist. The result is incredibly potent and all powerful – ensure you have an plethora of extra time on your plate, as Strawberry Cheesecake will guarantee a protracted duration of couch lock! This plant has additionally been highly praised because of its pain relieving qualities, and it is suggested for arthritic problems and muscle pain. Strawberry Cheesecake develops to short/medium height, and is fantastic to behold in the process. Chunky, fat colas line its thick branching, noticeably oozing with resin. Producing good yields, mixed with its superbly potent effect, Strawberry Cheesecake is the ideal blend of quantity and quality.

  11. Indistinguishable in flavor and high from the genuine 1989 Uk Exodus Cheese clone.

  12. Many fear like foxtails, and so the name together with several different cheese tastes a result of the wonder of F2 gene recombination and also with great yields.

  13. We got our triple crown champion, LA Confidential, and crossed her right into the Exodus Cheese (Skunk #1) cut. This particular strain is light greenish and stinky having a sweet flavor along with an extremely medicinal high.

  14. Royal Dutch Genetics Cheesewreck is an original mixture of the Royal Dutch Cheese along with the Royal Dutch TrainWreck. This particular 100% female breeder cross have acquired an infamous reputation since it’s release over a year ago. With a few phenotypes leaning more towards the Cheese and some others further towards the Wreck, in taste and smell, the effect appears to be practically intense and overwhelming in both.

  15. Royal Cheese Female Marijuana Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds a premier Dutch Marijuana Seedbank. The roots for this all female marijuana strain hark back to the vintage strain cheese, originally a UK strain developed underground. Royal Queen Seeds are now offering these female cheese seeds from purely organic parents, making this an organic cheese female Seeds strain.