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blue diamond seeds

Blue diamond seeds

200g podded broad beans
125g ricotta (or top with crumbled feta instead)
1 tbsp olive oil
Lemon juice and zest
Fresh mint leaves, 10
Ciabatta or sourdough slices

Grill until lightly browned. If you’re using a toaster season with the oil, salt and garlic after toasting.
Spoon the broad bean mix onto the toast, you can always top with some rocket.

Our superb range of Mr Fothergills Seeds are now in stock across Blue Diamond. We have a tasty selection of Broad Beans in stock and a great recipe for Broad Bean Bruschetta for you to enjoy!

Pod the broad beans and cook for a few minutes. I used frozen beans for ease.
Using a mini food processor blend the beans with lemon zest and mint until you have a chunky mix.
Add the ricotta along with a splash of olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon juice (about half a small lemon). Blend until you have a creamy consistency.
Before toasting your bread, drizzle it in olive oil, season with salt, and rub with a garlic clove.

Full range of flowering seeds now in stock across Blue Diamond!

Blue Diamond has a surprisingly fruity fragrance, like a tropical drink, all its missing is the tiny umbrella! Notes of pineapple and traces of berries are most common, which you’ll notice in the flavor as well.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of bling? Covered with sticky, crystalline resin, the leaves of your Blue Diamond marijuana plants will shine bright like, well, a diamond!

Quick on the draw, Blue Diamond is fast-acting, with patients noting effects set in mere seconds after smoking it. The high starts out emotional, offering a bright euphoria and happiness that some have claimed can also improve focus and clarity. Bare in mind that too much of a good thing will leave you feeling a bit confused, so exercise caution when playing with this potent strain. Over time, the cheerful happiness you first experience will melt into a relaxation that eases muscle tension for a sweet, blissful rest.

If you’re prone to depression or anxiety, you may find Blue Diamond marijuana an excellent addition to your mood-boosting arsenal. Not to mention it is effective at relieving mild to moderate forms of pain, like headaches.


A cross between Diamond OG and Blue Dream, this delicious, fruity strain offers a moderately high THC level that will deliver a relaxing, cheerful lift. Fend off symptoms of depression with Blue Diamond, and enjoy some good-sized harvests while you’re at it.

A hybrid in every sense of the word, Blue Diamond marijuana boasts 50% genetics from both its indica and sativa heritage. You’ll experience a powerful stimulation that’s balanced out by the calming sedation of its indica roots.

Blue Diamond marijuana seeds are hearty and can grow well both indoors and out. Though it expresses itself with purple-hued buds, you may want to bring it in if the weather turns cold. Beginner gardeners can hope to harvest a relatively decent yield after the standard eight-week flowering period.

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