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blue dragon desert frost seeds

What do you get when a top-notch grower happens to be located right in WVA’s Eugene backyard? A collaboration, of course! Retreats is very excited to reveal our newest grower collab for Hybrid cannabis-infused gummies.

You can show support for Focus North by checking out their website and give them a follow on Instagram @focusnorthgardens. Look for a lot more collaborations featuring Focus North’s top-shelf flower downstream in 2021.

The farm is none other than Focus North Gardens, a living-soil, indoor grow operation that shares our laser focus on quality. Their flower is stellar, and yet somehow, is always on the up and up, and our team has noticed! Get an inside look from our visit to their farm earlier this year.

Blue dragon desert frost seeds

100 Greenest Workplace 2018
● Dope Cup – Best CBD 2018 (Blue Dragon Desert Frost strain)
● Kind News – 100 Cannabis Leaders of 2018
● Cultivation Classic – Best CBD 2018 (Blue Dragon Desert Frost strain
● Best CBD 2017 (Corozon strain)
● Best Cannabis Farm – Willamette Week 2018 (2nd year in a row)
● MG Magazine, Best 10 Cannabis companies to work for in 2018

Can you touch on your mission around organic and sustainable cultivation practices in the cannabis industry?
Absolutely. This is another part of what really helped us feel attached to Stem Holdings. With TJ’s Gardens as another one of their key cultivation partners, Stem Holdings and TJ’s are proving that they’re like-minded with our business practices. Specifically, TJ’s Gardens has a charitable mission for children with epilepsy and also is extremely strong in terms of being an organic producer.

Beyond the numbers, Yerba Buena has been cultivating a team and culture that Stem Holdings is excited to continue to grow. In particular, Yerba has placed importance on developing an atmosphere where each individual is comfortable, welcome, and connected. In Yerba Buena’s belief, the way that they treat each other and the way that they treat the plants is what is their “most potent ingredient”.

How did the Yerba Buena/Stem Holdings partnership come about?
As we came into Stem Holdings, we were looking for capital to expand our brand outside of the Oregon market, as it is a very saturated market. I call it a “hyper competitive market”. There was extreme price compression in 2017 and that’s continued in 2018.

In terms of infrastructure, Yerba Buena has a number of assets that are going to boost the Stem Holdings portfolio and team. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, the 29-acre Yerba Buena cultivation property features state-of-the-art LED lighting and 9,000 square feet of indoor cultivation canopy. At full production, the current cultivation facility can produce 4,000 pounds of clean cannabis annually.

Interview with Preston Greene, General Manager of Yerba Buena

Can you touch on some of the prestigious awards that Yerba Buena has received?

In line with our other cultivation partners, TJ’s Gardens, Yerba Buena is also working toward clean, sustainable, organic cannabis cultivation practices. Yerba Buena farms is a Clean Green Certified™ and Certified Kind™ cannabis grower dedicated to growing conscientiously and organically. Utilizing a bio-active soil that’s rich in micronutrients, locally produced, and recycled, Yerba is taking steps to remain environmentally conscious at all levels of cultivation and production.

Sure, here are a few awards and accomplishments that we’ve been recognized with:

How did Yerba Buena get its start in the industry?
Yerba Buena started approximately three and a half years ago in the medical market in Oregon. Within a 6 month period, we grew to be the largest medicinal supplier in the state of Oregon with some 200 patients growing out of our location.
Our initial plan was to switch over to the recreational market and to acquire one of the early licenses. Yerba Buena was one of the first licensed companies for recreational cannabis in the state of Oregon, and since that point we have become one of the top producers in terms of sales. Also, I would say based on the awards we received for genetics, sustainability, and more, Yerba has distinguished itself as one of the top cannabis companies in the state of Oregon in other ways too. So, that was our background and where Yerba Buena started from.

We knew that with the TJ’s Gardens relationship, that Stem Holdings would be willing to allow us to continue to grow Yerba Buena as the company that we are. They would continue to push our focus on sustainability, organics, and people. I would say that Stem Holdings is rare, looking beyond the bottom line in terms of acquisitions and really trying to care about what Yerba Buena’s mission was. Stem Holdings understands that allowing us to continue with our missions would actually result in a better bottom line in the long-term.