Blue Dream Cannabis Seed Strain Review

Blue Dream Cannabis Seed Strain Review

Blue Dream quickly became a fan favorite amongst California Prop 215 patients early in her career – now she’s one of the more popular flowers on dispensary shelves across the country. With West Coast roots – and a perennial following, Blue Dream is a star amongst a sea of wannabe strains. Rising like cream to the top, in a region notorious for exceptional genetics.

For many, Blue Dream genetics offer the perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. A subtle and spicy aroma, sweet with resin encrusted citrus crystals. A soaring high that inspires the creative process, while simultaneously providing a soothing sense of relaxation throughout your body; precisely the intended end result. After all – Selective breeding, equaling predictable outcomes, was the sole purpose for hybrid cultivation. The genetics in blue dream make her particularly useful for those patients that suffer from sore muscles, due to overexertion. Stress, brought on by any number of activities – for instance: living. Anxiety (see stress), insomnia, or depression.

Blue Dream is the lofty offspring of some of the cannabis breeding world’s highest achievers – a cross between the star-studded genes of Blueberry and Hazes. Producing some mind blowing flower. When Blue Dream first hit the cultivator scene, breeders were amazed at the plants ability to put on massive vegetation in a short period of time – gaining nearly as much height as width. When properly maintained the Blue Dream strain flourishes in either an outdoor, sunbaked grow environment. Or, in an indoor, state-of-the-art hydroponics set up.

Smoking Blue Dream is a tasty experience. Living more within the citrus realm of the terpene flavor wheel, the sweet nugs from this flower are rich with the resin encrusted flavor. Complemented by a welcome touch of tangy lemon on the inhale – then completed by an earthy aftertaste on the exhale.

In an enclosed room, with the wrong mix of company, Blue Dream Buds could be a bit of a bust. While California prop 215 patients are allowed by law to carry up to an ounce of chronic meds on their person, sometimes you don’t have time to stash your meds – and social activities never stop. So be careful where you choose to crack open your med jar, or baggie full of weed. As a rush of citrus aroma will race out, filling the void in any room with the sour, citrus soaked, lemon encrusted sent of dank buds, regardless of the rooms size.

No matter how you grow her – She’s a creeper and a keeper.