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Blue Dream Info

PLANT TYPE20% Indica 80% Sativa
THCUp to 21%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS21 oz per 3x3ft

Blue Dream Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Blue Dream quickly became a fan favorite amongst California Prop 215 patients early in her career – now she’s one of the more popular flowers on dispensary shelves across the country. With West Coast roots – and a perennial following, Blue Dream is a star amongst a sea of wannabe strains. Rising like cream to the top, in a region notorious for exceptional genetics.

For many, Blue Dream genetics offer the perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. A subtle and spicy aroma, sweet with resin encrusted citrus crystals. A soaring high that inspires the creative process, while simultaneously providing a soothing sense of relaxation throughout your body; precisely the intended end result. After all – Selective breeding, equaling predictable outcomes, was the sole purpose for hybrid cultivation. The genetics in blue dream make her particularly useful for those patients that suffer from sore muscles, due to overexertion. Stress, brought on by any number of activities – for instance: living. Anxiety (see stress), insomnia, or depression.

Blue Dream is the lofty offspring of some of the cannabis breeding world’s highest achievers – a cross between the star-studded genes of Blueberry and Hazes. Producing some mind blowing flower. When Blue Dream first hit the cultivator scene, breeders were amazed at the plants ability to put on massive vegetation in a short period of time – gaining nearly as much height as width. When properly maintained the Blue Dream strain flourishes in either an outdoor, sunbaked grow environment. Or, in an indoor, state-of-the-art hydroponics set up.

Smoking Blue Dream is a tasty experience. Living more within the citrus realm of the terpene flavor wheel, the sweet nugs from this flower are rich with the resin encrusted flavor. Complemented by a welcome touch of tangy lemon on the inhale – then completed by an earthy aftertaste on the exhale.

In an enclosed room, with the wrong mix of company, Blue Dream Buds could be a bit of a bust. While California prop 215 patients are allowed by law to carry up to an ounce of chronic meds on their person, sometimes you don’t have time to stash your meds – and social activities never stop. So be careful where you choose to crack open your med jar, or baggie full of weed. As a rush of citrus aroma will race out, filling the void in any room with the sour, citrus soaked, lemon encrusted sent of dank buds, regardless of the rooms size.

No matter how you grow her – She’s a creeper and a keeper.

17 thoughts on “Blue Dream Seeds”

  1. Presenting Tangerine Dream… the newest feminized marijuana seed to arrive from Barney’s Farm. Tangerine Dream is really a long awaited strain, which boasts some impressive cannabis qualifications. Being a 2010 Cannabis Cup award champion this feminized cannabis seed will most likely prove favored by souvenir seed collectors throughout the world. Additional information to follow, prices TBC.

  2. BC Sweet Dreams is definitely a home-run hitting hybrid that does outstanding in both indoor and outdoor environments. Heavy yields of medicinal pain numbing indica should be expected. This sweet and appetizing THC bomb will make you couch-locked and daydreaming for hours.

  3. Sunshine daydream is really a hybrid of merely one of my alltime favorites, Bubbashine that is a cross of Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine (unique stretch indica pheno), Bubbashine reeks of hot buttered blueberry muffins as well as kush, grows such as a big og coated in crystals, and features an outstanding potent warm snuggly euphoric pain alleviating effect, certainly suitable for nerve pain. The daddy of the hybrid is a heavyweight funk champion Appalachia (green crack x tres dawg). The 2 of these collectively have formulated an exceptional hybrid, which is amazing, enhancing the nerve pain reducing effect and attracting the chem family funk, this hybrid is fabulous to observe, and much more beautiful in the effects. It’s one of those particular rare varieties that sticks with the bag despite if its dry, accompanied by a lush chemmy fruity berry kush terpene signature and stick out notes of sour butter. I’ve got a pheno I call the butter cut since it smells of dank berries and also butter. Im really overjoyed to have this one accessible, it’s beautiful natural therapeutic medicine for the industry.

  4. The flavour of Afghani/Hindu Kush hitched to the Master Widow is sweet. Aromatic fat buds on a virtually Bonsai-like cannabis bush. This marijuana species offers a lifting positive high.

  5. In developing the Dreamweaver variety, we began with genetic material coming from one of the Cannabis Buyers Co-ops within California. These organizations help patients to satisfy their daily Cannabis requirements, having a doctor’s prescription. We hybridized this Indica using a Indica from Humboldt County (California). The hybrid is a spectacular Indica, quite eclectic from the rest we produce. The high is potent, to quote our test team. In the early periods, a couple of huge fan leaves are shaped, but later growth returns to normalcy. During harvest time, sizeable, solid buds happen to be produced. Together with the very prominent high and the remarkable taste, yields for this plant are higher than average.

  6. A Jamaican Rastafarian placed this little gem within our hands. Suitable for indoor and outdoor farming, Jamaican Dream is a really sturdy plant, with Christmas tree-like structure, quite simple to nurture and flowers really quick (42-45 days), which generates a great deal of generous, thick buds with copious quantities of trichomes. Odor of fresh limes and pine, and is also sweet smooth. It generates a robust effect, delighted sativa, exceptionally active, with a smooth effect.

  7. Sweet Dreams is a fantastic indoor strain that will supply you with a huge yield. The plant carries with it an imported Californan BB Skunk for the mother, crossed over involving a K.C. 606.

  8. Cannabis Cup Champion of 2007 – A formidable indica / sativa strain modeled on a fast flowering short stature Ukrainian hash plant mixed with Blueberry. It really is fast out from the starting blocks, and grows swiftly to generate above average yields. Crimea Blue features a lemony pine flavor & psychoactive enduring high. Suited to SOG and SCROG systems.

  9. The Blue Buddha provides heavy and lustrous buds of spicy berry diesel tastes together with tantalizing fragrance and crystal production and durable flavor. This strain is essential for each and every garden, if you werent aware of it!! The Blue Buddha will elevate you into spiritual meditations when you start examining the secrets to Tibetan medicine!

  10. BC Bud Depot offering BC Blueberry. While there’s evidence of some Sativa characteristics, these Seeds are often regarded as predominantly Indica based. Boasting some great heritage from the 1970’s, this British Columbia based cannabis strain is a sought after addition to any seed collection.

  11. Merville Blueberry is a principally sativa classified by its fruity and pungent crystals blanketed buds. A medium yielder along with a high of tremendous proportions, the Merville Blueberry strain is definitely a coastal favorite.

  12. Black Label Blue Berries is surely an Indica. Since 1997 these celebrated Dutch Seeds are wonderfully renowned for their exceptional calibre and have been developed for botanical sample preservation by the High Quality Seeds breeders.

  13. Blue Tara is known as a hybrid of just one of my alltime faves, Bubbashine that is a combination of Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine (rare stretch indica pheno), Bubbashine smells of hot buttered blueberry muffins and kush, grows like a big OG covered in crystals, and has an amazing potent warm snuggly euphoric pain relieving effect, especially good for nerve pain. the father of the line is my Snow Lotus male, which is Afgooey x Blockhead (x19 dom male), this male has demonstrated to up potency, yield, and frost while facilitating the one of a kind traits of the female to stand out.

  14. I used the famous Oregon clone only, Blue Magoo, and hit her with my Jazz Berry Jam male, The JBJ Pheno I used for The male donor, is the purple colored, grape Kool Aid tasting, keeper pheno.. This wWill make for a huge yielding, purple, grape-y tasting medicine. Sure to be a very unique purple line with lots of great smells and taste. Very Easy to find multiple keepers in every pack.

  15. Indica having a great medical value to minimize pains and chronic diseases. Without fueling its organoleptic characteristics, this variety has a pleasant fragrance of wild berries, giving a pleasurable sensation of wellness and also at the exact same time a sedative effect. Well suited for large meditation and tranquil times.

  16. We mixed plants picked from the Roadrunner strain along with a JYD Haze, employing the idea in the mind of changing the characteristic flavour of all the automatics.It appears that these plants incorporate a characteristic taste and their swift blooming in the same genetic “pack”. The characteristic flavour, somewhat “green”, like textile cannabis, is something which induces a few of the more insisting cultivators who may conceivably be more at home with sweeter, more fruity flavors, rigorous and aromatic to be disinterested with this variety. We’ve aimed to enhance the difference in taste a step forward, taking it in the automatic array of flavors to the non-automatic. What we should achieve is anything deserving of satisfaction: aside from the taste, the dimensions of the plants has risen, as has its efficiency and strength. The resin is much more copious, completely overlaying the petioles and the bottom of the higher leaves, the creation of large glandular trichomes seems to have improved, in both the buds and also the leafy bracts that encompass them.

  17. Lots of individuals like color and taste within their plants, without ruling out production and strength. The California Hash Plant line mixed using a Blueberry provides a good illustration of this idea. The bluish, reddish, purple hue of Blueberry and its sweet, fruity, smelly aroma combines together with the precocity and output of the California Hash Plant. The blue line was picked outdoors, over many years, always focussing on high quality combined with the very best production out of this mythical strain. Mold resistance and precocity were additional features considered to reduce problems in humid years; testing was completed outdoors in moist conditions. The resulting plant grows such as an indica-sativa hybrid, as opposed to a bushy indica, reaching up to 3 metres; it creates resinous and dense buds, with purple colors in cold weather, smelling of fresh fruits and resin. It’s a great producer outdoors, because of its dimensions, and a great option for high elevation mountain areas, where cold nights provide it with attractive colors. Cultivated in the South Pyrenees, at an elevation of 1500 m, it’s proved to be a delicacy plus a real beauty. It’s got good strength, similar to indica, employing a strong psychoactive effect.