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blue hash seeds

Blue Hash underwent an extended testing period outdoors in very humid conditions with only the best plants being selected for each generation. The result is a plant that acts more like an indica/sativa hybrid than a mostly indica strain. Lower night-time temperatures will produce a wonderfully colourful display of reds, blues and purple shades.

This strain’s hardiness means that it is a very good plants for beginners and experts alike with one proviso, it does not like to be over-fed. This 60% indica strain will be ready in 7 – 8 weeks of flowering indoors yielding around 475 gr/m 2 . Outdoors it can reach 3 meters tall producing up to 1100 gr/plant of hard, resinous buds. Even cold mountain areas do not over-stress these plants which are particularly rugged.

Blue Hash is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that was bred by crossing a California Hash Plant with Blueberry. It has a great combination of flavour, power and yield. It is a very robust plant that can handle harsh, cold and humid conditions.

The aroma and flavour show an earthiness along with berries. The effect from its 12% – 16% THC is powerful, relaxing and extremely long-lasting and makes it a great evening smoke with which to unwind after the stresses of the day.

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