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Blue Haze Seeds
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Blue Haze Info

PLANT TYPE20% Indica 80% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Blue Haze Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Blue Haze is a special mixture of the homegrown haze along with the blueberry, having a classy sweet musky flavor accompanied by a strong stone. The growing features are from the body of the indica, together with the length of the sativa. A simple plant having a strong touch of Sativa.

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  1. 2nd Award for best Indica, High Life Barcelona 07′.

    Blue Moonshine is probably the earliest maturing individuals of the Blue Family. This hybrid was created during the early 1990s. Not really a commercial variety, this extraordinarily potent Blueberry Indica, blanketed with standing THC trichomes. Taste and high are unbelievable, a connoisseur delight. Characteristic certainly is the enduring narcotic body high. The standard yield is rewarded through the fantastic excellence of the smoke. Short (80 cm) stout Kush plants which produce tight, dense, rock-hard nuggets of trichome-covered bud. An authentic hash plant.

  2. G13 Labs presents Blue Venom. These feminized seeds are top grade female only seeds which were previously almost impossible to acquire. The instant you get bitten you cannot find any antidote, Blue Venom female Seeds surely are a cup winning Blueberry mixed and the other cup winning White Widow to establish a Super Indica.

  3. Aussie Blues is yet another blue haze crossing. The mother from this strain is a Australian Boesi a.k.a. Duck. Initially we crossed her using the delectable flavor and potency in our Azura after which crossed again together with our specially chosen multiple prize winning Jack a.k.a. Light of Jah. The outcome after 4 selections is this Amazing 90% sativa having a lemony fragrance and grow potentials of a champion. Smoke this grass and discover the Australian Blues.

  4. Another cutting edge Blue Haze cross. These days with an Australian “Duck” or “Boesi” as being the mother. It is a Sativa (90%) having a splendid lemony smell. Experience a touch of Down Under inside your growroom or attempt this one outside once the night temperature doesn’t reach under 17 degrees Celsius. Fantastic yield within a better Quality!

  5. Cutting edge for 04′ is Blue Pearl. It is a cross of Homegrown Fantaseeds’ award-winning Blue Haze along with a Silver Pearl mother. This mainly Sativa strain features a gentle flavor together with a powerful high effect. The yield coming from Blue Pearl is superb therefore we expect it to become as productive as its parents.

  6. Simple to manage, massive yields and fast flowering, what else could a grower look for! Cross of White Widow, Blue Moonshine and La Blanca. Packed with resin having a Blue aroma. Possesses THCV, that clearly results in mental effects. Great yield, quick and simple cultivation. A tribute for the city which has seen the origination of Kannabia Seeds.

  7. Busy, short, incredibly stinky and dark. A flavor comparable to Chemo x Blueberry.

  8. This mainly sativa grows bushy and tall. It possesses a very calm flavor with an excellent up, sativa high.

  9. Blue Mystic by Kulu Seeds originally came from sunny California.

  10. Variety created from selected OJ Short seeds, selected for its production and its berries taste. It is one of thebest Indicas available. High medicinal effect, with high CBD concentration and medium THC percentage. Well suited for people struggling with physical or chronic aches. It is a safe selection for production and quality.

  11. An extremely fruity treat which likes it outdoors or indoors. Squat, branchy plant with purple/pink hues as it finishes. Giant yielding dense buds and extremely heavy resin producer. Performs fantastic and is a quick grower for beginner or skilled gardeners. The smoke is heavy and features an increasing effect inside the lungs. Its an F1 hybrid involving our Avalon (Blueberry x Afghani – stabilized) crossed using the Dynamite (Grapefruit). Top Ten strains of the season (High Times Magazine).

  12. Blue Mystic was specifically selected because of its soft blue colors, which appear around halfway into flowering. Blue Mystic grows in an exceedingly similar fashion to Northern Light, displaying all the desired qualities of that marijuana strain, together with the added appeal of its very own multi-colored appearance as well as the faintly berry-like aftertaste from its smoke. When in contrast to a number of other marijuana strains, Blue Mystic keeps a neutral smell during growing.

  13. It has a fruity sweetness with a touch of exotic fruits. It’s effect is intense, relaxing overall wellness. Plant very good for therapeutic use.

  14. Auto Blue Autoflowering Seeds from Seedsman are a beautiful inbred cross of Lowryder #2 and a little Blueberry, taking the finest genetics from Joint Doctor and Sagarmatha respectively. These marijuana seeds offer the finest genetics, and with years of development are now available in packs of 3 and 5 souvenir autoflowering Seeds.

  15. A Kootenay Mountains Blueberry crossed to the Blue Satellite #2 used to create Blue Satellite 2.2. One phenotype favors the father’s line with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and heady high while the other is a heavy-yielder that favors the mother’s line. Both drip resin and have a strong blueberry jam aroma.

  16. 75% Indica. Oaxacan, Thai and Afghani genetics. Fruity odour and blueberry flavour. Big resin production, ultimate medicinal plant. Stoned Indica high and bodystoned sensation. THC high.

    Oaxacan Gold, Chocolate Thai, Highland Thai and Afghani are used for this Blue Berry. Blueberry originates from California, USA. We then improved her by adding a little Skunk no.1. This resulted in a 75% Indica with a high level of THC. She can also be grown outdoor in more Northern Countries and produces blue shades on its leaves as days get colder.

    Our Blue Berry has three phenos with some variation in bud, leaves, high and color. One pheno has a stretched, compact bud, great flower-to-leaf ratio and the overall appearance is a green plant with a few purple pistils. She is Indica dominant. The other pheno the buds and leaves will turn purple and give you that oldschool Indica buzz. And the last pheno is more Sativa inclined. Only the calyxes turn purple, create one giant bud and she will have more of a Sativa high.
    Overall you can say Blue Berry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy but compact buds. She has candleshaped calyxes, medium to large. In ideal conditions these calyxes can turn purple. Flower-to-leaf ratio is good. She very well suited to prune or fim to improve yield, but does need some space. She doesn’t require too much nutrients. Vegetative period should be about three weeks.

    Blue Berry has a fruity somewhat earthy odour and a berrylike, sweet flavour. She has a long-lasting Indica high and a body stoned sensation. Medicinal value: insomnia, digestive problems, emotional problems, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual cramp, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain and fibromyalgia.

  17. This is a wonderful mix of Blueberry and Fucking Incredible genetics. A wonderful mix of her parents flavors and aromas. This sativa-ish breed has longer bracketing between buds that are heavily laden with resins.

  18. Super Haze is a Limited series by CH9 Female Seeds and is an ideal seed specimen to be collected for preservation.

  19. OJ’s Haze Marijuana Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank, these Seeds are a shared venture with Reservoir Seeds and their multiple cup winner Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze mized with a Soma Seeds G13/Haze. These seeds are the sativa lovers dream. The smells and flavours of sour candy haze make this a lovely addition to your collection.

  20. All new strains are developed exclusively at Delta-9 Labs, including Brainstorm Haze. I said “since we always chat and share ideas together during our lunch break how about calling the new strain Brainstorm Haze?” We all looked up with excitement and said, that’s an unusual but fitting name indeed.

  21. This seed is a pure landrace Sativa strain from Southeast Asia. Despite of the authentic reality that it may perhaps even secure as much as 4.5 months of blooming period to carry out, it is really a pure breeding strain. This kind is very uplifting and clear headed. The Sativa high and flavor is quite apparent and motivating. Applying this type towards the research and breeding purposes will turn out to be worth while. The Mekong Haze is designed for making F1 hybrid blends with other Delta-9 Labs varieties. Using time with this variety will definitely reward you.

  22. The Sativa of quality from Dinafem Feminized Seeds. Royale Haze is a timeless blend of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk.

  23. Northern Lights mixed with a few of the worlds greatest Sativas, the highest Atomic Haze up to now, lower yielding lengthier flowering, yet connoisseur, personal stash material.

  24. Dutch Passion consumers have usually craved a 100% Haze variety combined with reduced flowering times and respectable yields. Over several years we’ve bred barrels of Haze plants from both equally USA and Dutch genetics in search of this specific Haze. Then, in ’09, there was a significant breakthrough! The final result is Dutch Haze, the flowering time happens to be an incredible 9-11 weeks for just a sophisticated up-high and true Haze experience. All Haze fans need to try our Dutch Haze, the returns are generous and it also grows along with a wealthy plethora of sparkling THC covered flowers which have the actual Haze smell. Plants cultivate extra tall. Dutch Haze is usually a rarity , the outcome of extensive breeding. The range has good mould and spider mite resistance, it’s 90% Sativa/10% Indica. Nevertheless the Indica parentage affects merely the flowering and yield characteristics. The smoke, because you will learn, is 100% pure Haze.

  25. A pure Nev. Haze which just requires 8 weeks to flower? Hopeless, the majority will answer. Sceptic testers have verified that the answer is YES, it is possible. And much more uniform than the original 16 weeks variation. We’re happy to unveil the new batch from May 2011. For about 12 years we’ve been focusing on getting the flowering time back and making her less stretchy (brought back from 2m to 80cm – 1m indoors). As well as picking on stability, resin production and Nev. Haze qualities of course. Having its severe trippiness, distinguished taste and smell. The Nev. Haze is well known as the queen of all Hazes. Due to the completely unique blend of cannabioïds, which makes it not only one of the extremely most powerful, yet still among the most trippy and spiritual varieties. Coming from a medical perspective anti-depressive, hence uplifting. One which will more than fulfill every sativa lover.

  26. If the trippiest quality just isn’t enough! This batch is a cross of two Neville’s Haze Hybrids. Both the mother (and the father) are Nev. Haze x Grapefruit mixes. Each were picked on their Nev. Haze dominance and fairly short flowering period. This strain will certainly complete in 8 – 9 weeks. Some variance should be expected, however all very sativa-ish. Therefore grab your opportunity, here is a short flowering trippy tasty Nev. Haze that is quite simple to work with.