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blue legend #10 seeds

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Blue legend #10 seeds

Highest lab-tested THC at a HT Cannabis Cup: 19.50 percent (San Francisco, 2012)
I won’t lie: If we were selfish people here at High Times, the Sour Diesel would — for sure — benumero uno on The List. How- ever, as we explained in the opening to this article, there was more to the process of compiling these rankings than just personal (or personnel) preference. That being said, if there’s a tastier bud on the planet, we haven’t smoked it. When grown right, from the true East Coast cut (think AJ — and true connoisseurs know what we mean here), there is simply no better flavor in cannabis. Period. The Sour Diesel reigns supreme on the east side of the United States and will be on The List for eternity.

Highest lab-tested THC at a HT Cannabis Cup: 17.87 percent (Los Angeles, 2014)
It’s no coincidence that the Super Silver Haze is the only other back-to-back champion in Cannabis Cup history. Both she and her daughter (Super Lemon Haze, at #18) are nearly one and the same when it comes to killer Haze strains, with the only real difference being the infusion of Lemon Skunk. Bred from superb Hazebackcrosses, the SSH has all the true- breeding landrace sativas in her DNA, as well as a quarter NL #5 and a quarter Skunk #1. Make no mistake about it: The SSH was up for the #1 slot and might have gotten there if it wasn’t for the fact that the next three entries to come are…

Another true landrace, the Durban is the only strain on The List that hails from Africa. A pure sativa, this variety has been used in a wide range of breeding projects, as she was one of the first strains out of South Africa that exhibited none of the auto-flowering traits of ruderalis, which are sometimes found in wild landrace lines. Lately, pure forms of Durban have been turning up at Cup competitions, and she has largely impressed with her licorice flavor and very potent “up” high.

This landrace strain is the primary reason the words “Kush” and “indica” have become synonymous. Originating in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, this pure indica is responsible for such offspring as the Master Kush … and she also played a role in the creation of our beloved OG Kush. Originally released by the stalwart Sensi Seeds, it’s rare to see these flowers around much these days, although her family still ranks among cannabis royalty.

3. Sour Diesel

A classic strain from the Netherlands, the Amnesia Haze was winning Cups more than a decade ago and might be considered a fixture of the Amsterdam pot scene. A sativa-dominant hybrid, her ancestry looks something like this: (Afghani x Hawaiian) x Laos x Jamaican. This combination gives the Amnesia Haze a sweet and spicy flavor with a very cerebral high.

So here we are at #1… and there is no denying the OG Kush her rightful throne. The Queen of Cali is one of the most popular strains ever to grace the pages of High Times and is hands down the flower of choice on the West Coast of the United States. Not only is she one of the strongest strains on Earth, but she is also among the most varied, exhibiting more phenotypes than almost any other strain we’ve seen and demonstrating that she’s a true product of her environment.

Highest lab-tested THC at a HT Cannabis Cup: 25.14 percent (Denver, 2013)

4. Super Silver Haze

Highest lab-tested THC at a HT Cannabis Cup: 18.60 percent (San Francisco, 2012)

The most potent strain ever tested in the history of the High Times Cannabis Cup, the Bruce Banner was born and bred in Colorado and hit the 28 percent mark for THC, putting her squarely in The List’s Top 10.

Blue legend #10 seeds

• Effects: Intense hybrid that leans to the heavy side.

Banana Hammock Rbx

Available in either 8 or 17 Regular (M/F) Seeds

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• Plant Morphology: Medium