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blue skatalite seeds

This thread has Romulan listed as OG kush x Afghani. WRONG.
I know they did not have OGkush on Vancouver Island in the 70s. LOL.

Romulan (Federation) California X [White Whino X White Rhino]. also. .WRONG
Federation Romulan is the original Romulan clone crossed to special WhiteWidow pollen sent over from GreenHouseSeeds.
There is no Rhino or California in this strain.

The original romulan cutting came from Vancouver Island. It was a group of old timers that kept breeding Sativas that would finish on the Island. They crossed their favorite cutting to an Indica brought home by soldiers. They grew out the seeds and kept the one and only Romulan.
There is no Romulan Joe Sativa or Romulan Joe Indica. There is only ONE clone only Romulan.

Blue skatalite seeds

Fireline Cannabis is a Recreational Cannabis manufacturing and production company located right here in Arlington, WA! Fireline grows some of the tastiest, terpiest & frostiest fire! Best known for their one of a kind and unique strains like Skatalite, Blue Tangie, Gorilla Crush, White Durban & Blue Power. These genius genetics come from a long line (fireline) of cannabis cultivation, with decades of combined cannabis knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Just like us here at Cascade Kropz, Fireline likes to keep it in the family – and their secret family recipe is sure to knock your socks off! Stop in today and try some of their top shelf bud & pre-rolled joints!

Blue Power is a shop favorite. Amazingly heavy body high will help melt the stress and pains of the day into a distant memory. Great for night-time, or any time of day you just to unwind and shut down.

Classic Indica strain: Blue Power

Dubble Dragon is an awesome new sativa strain from Fire Line Cannabis. Similar to Dragon’s Breath in aroma, but stepped up one more notch to provide a wonderfully stoney head high. Great for helping you joyfully get through what might normally be mundane tasks. Or, integrate this strain into activities you already love for an upgraded euphoric experience.

New sativa strains: Dubble dragon

Blue skatalite seeds

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