Bomb Seeds Review

Bomb Seeds Review

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Bomb Seeds has developed a new and unique range of cannabis seeds by carefully selecting and improving classic strains and crossing them with our potent bomb seeds genetics to maximise the most desirable traits – quality, quantity, strength, speed & vigour. The result is a high quality collection of some of the most powerful genetics available with each and every strain in the range maximised for high yield, high THC, fast finishing and fantastic growth potential. The Bomb Seeds range aims to include something for everyone from indicas to sativas, autoflowering & medical varieties as well as something for the connoisseur.

Bomb Seeds assures optimum freshness and quality and all seeds are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. All the Bomb Seeds range is available in feminised and selected strains in regular. See our distributors page for availability.

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  1. Making it’s debut around the Fall of 2011, Bandana is seen as a small batch blend that’s being unveiled as a exclusive edition through select vendors. AKG has always its ears to the floor, and whatever they heard the shoppers looking for was this hybrid. Using the famous 707 Headband clone and crossing it along with their already established Snowdawg BX male, they constructed a new hybrid that provides the Headband dimension, CBN profile and a sprinkle of skunk/diesel flavor to the Snowdawg structure and sweet scent and taste. Test grows indicate a powerful tendency to stretch within the initial phases of flowering, sometimes as much as 3x. What starts off in flower as 3 feet will most likely finish up pushing 7ft. The Headband genetics sometimes surface in certain phenotypes making a weaker branch structure. You should stake heavily and wrap early and frequently since the buds end up very heavy and may wish to droop. Initial smoke reports have demostrated that Bandana does adequately at temporarily ceasing spastic movements, muscle spasms, as well as the pain linked to them. And additionally to this, it seems to be better for pains in the joint than a few other crosses for a few patients.

  2. The Warlock is indica dominant but it also has some characteristics that are considered sativa by most people (elongation at flowering, active high, high calyx/leaf ratio).It is a branchy plant that will form only a few medium sized leaves and a massive amount of flowers so it is easy to manicure.The pistils are clear white when fresh, changing to tan/pink when mature.The smell is strong and sweet, some even a bit sour (like fresh fruit).The high is mainly in the head.