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brains damage seeds

for a really long time.

There is an uplifting high after smoking it that is disturbed after a couple of minutes by a enormous body stoned feeling that will last you

Braindamage is probably the strongest weed available at this moment.

The thc and cbd levels in this strains are so high that even experienced smokers discribe this one as being to heavy.

When you are going to smoke this strain you should better be shure that your schedule is cleaned for the rest of the day.

Brains damage seeds

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Staying concentrated for a few hours can be quite draining. For this reason, having snacks prepared ahead of time will help users replenish the lost energy. Of course, it is best to wrap up the brainstorming session early. The strain, albeit its stimulating head high, is still a heavy-hitter.

Replacing the tension and tightness is a light buzzing pressure that reinvigorates users from the physical exhaustion that accompanies being plagued by disease. It supports the mental faculties too. Through its happy high, it relieves the mind of negativity and hopelessness while enhancing moods.

Adverse Reactions

While its initial cerebral onset is impressive, Brains Damage should still be reserved for late afternoons at home or early evenings. Right before dinner, preferably. Otherwise, its hard-hitting buzz will interfere with the day’s plans.

In its natural habitat, which is a cool and dry climate, it produces more than triple of its indoor yield so long as growers provide it with adequate nutrients and strategically locate it in area where sunlight can easily be absorbed. Between the last week of September to the middle of October, it produces at least 900 grams of buds per plant.


Falling asleep right after is not uncommon. Freed of mental and physical inhibitions, users are lulled softly to sleep as happy thoughts fill the mind and the body is gently released from the shackles of pain. Not only that, the strain also improves the quality and quantity of rest.

An added benefit of growing Brain Damage in controlled environments is that growers can adjust temperatures, humidity levels, and light intensity accordingly. Moreover, breeders can also choose mediums. Soil will undoubtedly bring out fuller flavors but a hydroponics setup hastens the growing process and can even double the yield. Regardless, supplementing the plant’s growth with the Sea of Green is recommended. After flowering for 8 to 10 weeks, each square meter will produce at least 140 grams of buds depending on the grower’s skill.