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brick weed seeds

Has anyone else had experience growing out seeds from this stuff?? What did you end up getting? More Indica, more sativa, yields, potency?? I’m just wondering, because this is basically how I, and I bet, a lot of other people started growing weed. Let me hear your experiences.

Seeing that this stuff is grown for commercial purposes, don’t you think it would be logical for it to be a good yielder?? You know that stuff probably looks pretty decent before the cartel gets their slimy hands on it.

I’ve grown out some brick weed seeds before and they looked/smoked like they were almost 100% indica every single time. When I see the first couple sets of real leafs, I’ll be able to tell you if it looks like another 100% indica strain or not.

Have any of you ever tried growing out some seeds from some Mexican brick weed?? I’ve just germinated 9 seeds successfully and have put them in some premi soil in 16 oz party cups inside my little grow box.

Before I ever started growing, I thought it would be a mexican sativa-type usually. However, I’ve NEVER seen a sativa dominant plant from this really commercial stuff. From my experience, these plants put out some really good yields as well, if treated properly. This is kind of like a national past-time for many. I’d just like to hear other people’s experiences growing out the infamous mexican brick seeds.

Brick weed seeds

Two clean dishes;

In our step-by-step on germination, we have told how the seed selection process takes place. With brick weed seeds, you have to be extra careful: it is very easy to find seeds, but they will not always grow. So as soon as you find and collect your seeds, do the following test to separate the good and the bad:

Good seeds and bad seeds

And let us tell you something important: brick weed seeds are a great “school” for starting cultivation. You can use these seeds if you want to grow, mainly because access to other seeds (from specific strains) can be more complicated – and more expensive – here in Brazil. Knowing how to differentiate good from bad seeds and dealing with them with care and love, it can become a beautiful plant, full of buds and really healthy.

The answer is yes!

Male plant can be identified through the “bags” that form below – be careful, it can pollinate the others

Brick weed seeds

What are the details?! How was the smoke? Taste, smell? Sativa leaning? How did you grow them? Any hermies?

I'd say grapefruit and diesel very citric smell and sativa dominant head high the kind you laugh a lot and cotton mouth plus Chinese eyes the smoke was smoth because I flushed during week 5 of flower and didn't feed any more only a tad of call mag then I found out I started the flush early so I put in a very small bit of grow big from fox farms that's what I used for the nutrients that slowed the fade flowered for 9.5 weeks but I bet 13 weeks would of been better Herms where a big problem 3 out of 9 plants hermed forcing me to chop them down during trim I noticed maybe 10 seeds a oz. First grow and I'll just say fabric pots are ok for the first month then a regular 2 gallon pot works great the 3 gallon smart pots are ok put does not justify the price Walmart has good pots cheaper than home depot that about sums it up