Brothers Grimm Seeds Review

Brothers Grimm Seeds Review

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Brothers Grimm is famous for creating high THC strains that produce consistently outstanding results. The creation of Cinderella 99, through a multi-generation breeding program, distinguishes us as breeders who take the to do things right.

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  1. Dinafem presents White Siberian which originates from a mix of two genetic strains subjected to a mindful selection process all throughout countless years: on one side, a clone from the elite White Widow, highly appreciated because of its heavy yield, trustworthiness, resistance to cold temps within outdoor harvests as well as good outcomes in indoor cultivation. Apart from carrying an impressive coat of resin and potent Indica psycho activity, White Widow emerges as a result of its strong taste: spicy as well as fuity with a dash of bitterness. It possesses broad, dark green leaves, moderate growth having a height that’s simple to oversee and essential medicinal value. In 60 days, an extraordinary taste and effect are produced. White Widow is among the best strains of Cannabis ever made and its high CBD content, alongside additional Cannabinoids, have assisted it gain its deserving fame for being very appropriate for medicinal uses. Its partner is an AK47 that has additionally been particularly picked for its impressive therapeutic and sweet-smelling attributes, in addition to for its strength and heavy yield. This selection sticks out as a result of its substantial harvest, outstretched leaves, light green colour, and it’s sweet, fruity, sativa flavor, added to a powerful effect because of a very high % of THC in comparison with its CBD content. Separate from its brisk cultivation, this AK 47 has additionally transmitted to its White Siberian descendants a normally sweet aroma and extraordinary effect, to some degree quite cerebral and physical, which is dramatically recognized by medicinal users because of its long-lasting effect. We can synopsize the qualities of the brand-new White Siberian mentioning the finest functions of the genotypes which it’s established up of: a vigorous, moderate to high sized Indica-Sativa hybrid having a very good indoor harvest and incredibly resistant outdoors. The White Siberian is mature, having flowering performed, within 65 days outdoors in October. The result will stand out because of its shiny coat of resin, its pleasantly potent sweet fragrance with a hint of Indica bitterness – and its equally impressive medicinal effects. It truly is necessary to explore the medicinal attributes of this variety, many thanks principally to its White Widow genetics.

  2. Limited Editon seed from CannaBioGen. Classic sativa/indica hybrid which puts together 2 lines of great personality like Deep Chunk from Tom Hill and Panama. Finishes in around 9 weeks and has a strong and dense effect balanced between both lines used. Produces hard and very resinous buds with earthy and lemon flavours and aromas, sometiomes showing pink hairs in their tips.

  3. Oasis is Dutch Passion’s purest and best 100% Indica strain. It began within the USA and was picked among the famous Northern Lights II, a strain which has won countless awards dependant on yield, potency and consistency. The patient grower will observe the superb extra yield included in the final third during the flowering period. The aroma and taste belongs to an unadulterated, authentic, woody/earthy Indica. These feminized cannabis seeds will become strong, resilient plants that essentially grow on their own. If you appreciate Indica, you’ll love Oasis.