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Bruce Banner Seeds
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Bruce Banner Info

PLANT TYPE20% Indica 80% Sativa
THCUp to 25%
CLIMATEIndoors or sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 19 oz per 3x3ft

Bruce Banner Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

One puff and it soon makes plenty of sense why this strain is named after a bright green superhero. Like the power of the Hulk suddenly taking form, Bruce Banner by ILGM will overtake you with some potent effects. If you’ve been feeling a little “less than”, Bruce Banner by ILGM will quickly take over and make everything go your way.

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  1. Feminized autoflowering Seeds by the 7 Dwarfs Marijuana Seedbank. The cunning breeders have succeeded to produce a variety of marijuana strains that are both autoflowering and female cannabis plants. Colossus is really a cutting edge strain from the Seedbank of 7 Dwarfs and is produced by getting the finest genetics from Lowryder 2 and Maxi Gom. 7 Dwarfs Seeds are the most recent version to the ‘auto-seed’ community, and are therefore the latest collectable for all serious marijuana enthusiasts.

  2. It’s taken us a tad longer than estimated, but finally it’s here. The long anticipated successor from the Medizin Power and Starwar, Motavation! A short/squat Indica-dominant hybrid along with moderate stretch at blooming, a tad leafy but coated with resin so its nearly a waste to manicure the buds. Very appropriate for indoor/closet growing however some training/bending through the first 14 days of flowering is suggested to create a level canopy. It’ll produce a strong odor which is relatively sweet with a touch of turpentine or fresh paint. The high is an overpowering body stone which will nail you to the couch while your ideas drift away. You’ll have the very best ideas and make many different plans, yet somehow, won’t have the desire to complete them immediately. Should you have some difficulty making it thru the long winter nights, the Motivation can make them pass by as though they never happened.

  3. ACE Seeds’ Orient Express is an F1 hybrid that combines ACE Seeds’ selected Vietnam Black mother with Yunnan Chinese Indica.

  4. Exquisite purple outside strain, Selectively type outside the houses from Blueberry, Grapefruit, as well as South African sativa genetics. Finishes in the conclusion of sept outdoors. Increased throughout Vancouver Island having great results, desires to disperse out in a really good way. Pleasant blend of the spicy sativa and the fruity indica’s, you will definitely savor. Our Diablo strain was actually initially breed as an outside strain yet has continually been a fantastic interior plant as adequately. It receives a sativa appearance and design having pleasant dense buds. Remarkably easy flavor by having spicy undertones. The Grapefruit as well as Blueberry in it is patentage deliver a lot of resin as well as heavenly flavor to these buds. The earlier flowering Sativa genetics results in a terrific up high as well as more unique preference. It actually stretches alot when placed within floret and matures extremely rapidly. There is a modest variation of finishing times by concerning a week, yet all trees conveniently finish budding by side of September or 6 – 7 weeks indoors. Diablo further area in the Outdoor category in the 02′ BC harvest cup right backing Texada Timewarp. This was the only authentic time it has actually been entered in a competition and it put surprisingly adequately.

  5. The 2nd from the three dogs which the Russian’s deployed to space, Belka will certainly mail you to the moon. Alphakronik Genes’s Belka was designed to help make the 707 Headband accessible to the population after a period of remaining held by private collectors only. Extremely stretchy and brimming with diesel funk, 707 Headband is among the Usa. West Coast’s most prized varieties. AKG combined the 707 and Spacequeen to make a hybrid that’s a heavy yielder of mega stinky cola style flowers.

  6. It’s the plant that elevated the bar for all Sativa strains and was the entrance for Homegrown Fantaseeds during the Cannabis Cup in ’97.

  7. TGA Subcool Marijuana Seeds now present Qrazy Train Seeds. After the very succesful hybridization of our Black Train Wreck and Jack the Ripper TGA set out to create a hybrid with the characteristics that the Black Wreck passes on combined with the great traits of TGA Querkle. The result is a match made in heaven with equal traits being passed from both parents.The progeny express the best attributes of both contributing parents, creating an ultimate Seeds perfect for collectors across the globe.

  8. Mandala #1 is a Sativa/Indica mix strain. The strains genetics are South African highland Sativa & NZ Purple Indica & North Indian Sativa.

  9. Another new feminized cannabis strain from Royal Queen Seeds’ selection of Medicinal Cannabis Seeds. Royal Highness is a cross of Respect and Dance Hall. Respect is a cross of Juanita la Lagrimosa, the high CBD strain, and Cannalope Haze, a great Sativa. This, combined with the Dance hall, a beautiful Spanish hybrid, has produced a powerful marijuana strain with an almost equal ratio of CBD and THC, meaning great medicinal potential. Like all high CBD strains, Royal Highness is not as psychoactive as some of the higher THC strains, which can be better for medical users. The effect is a very clear, active high with very little narcotic ‘stoned’ effect. These types of strains have been used for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects. Royal Highness is an interesting strain with an Indica structure but a more Sativa-like effect. The smell is a mix of haze, skunk and sweet fruits. The taste is smooth, sweet and a little bit skunky. Though designed for medical users, this is also a good cannabis strain for growers looking to try something different.

  10. Seawarp was developed as being a joint project with Texada Island Genetics. This is a three-way hybrid mix of Ben Johnson x Sea Level x Texada Timewarp outdoors. The offspring delivers really huge quick flowering plants with excellent yield and lemon flavor which finish by the 2nd week of September.

  11. Recipient of three cannabis cups. High Times Cannabis Cup 97′ 1st prize bio. High Times Cannabis Cup 97′ 2nd price bio under the label of white Shark. Highlife cup 99′ 3rd prize Growshop bio. During times of uncertainness and unrest, Peacemaker has arrived to calm things down. Share Peacemaker with friends or enemies and unite. However, not many individuals have experienced the privilege to test this marijuana plant, it’s notorious due to the power of unseen amounts. Once you have tasted peacemaker you will desire to have this available anywhere, anytime.

  12. Mr Nice Seeds The Doors just isn’t for everybody since it will analyze the degree of patience and endurance! Yet like all wonderful occasions in the life that take some time this actually is one to get savored along with special occasions like a arrival of a baby or perhaps a wedding…Euphoria lays within the seed which is waiting for you! Carefully bred by Shantibaba, the strain is ideal for Hydros or Bio, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse. The anticipated yield is 600 grams per m2 indoors and minimal 600 grams per plant outdoors. Indoors you ought to choose whatever goes up right up until 16 weeks flowering time and eliminate any others because they are not sensible for indoor areas. The Upper/Northern hemisphere is likely to be challenging for this plant just southern Europe like Portugal, Italy, Spain will permit this plant to complete by December even while inside the southern hemisphere it will require until June.

  13. A 100% Indica was created in Uzbekistan. Its title derives via one of the best on the planet, deemed by the experts.