Bud Stuffed Safe Sent To Wrong Adderss In Northern Ohio

Bud Stuffed Safe Sent To Wrong Adderss In Northern Ohio

Now that’s an awesome return on investment!

How stoked would you be to pay $1,700 for a 1000 pound, 6 foot tall safe, shipped from Nogales, Mexico – only to find 10 bales of Mexican dirt weed, worth an estimated $425,000 stuffed in your new gun safe? Massively, I would suspect. Not so much from a smoking standpoint… but rather as a supplement to your current financial situation. A ‘karmic adjustment’ for some perceived financial wrong done to you by… “The man”.

Well, as it turns out – not all are as masterful at art of rationalization as myself – which is a good thing.

“police said…the anonymous northern Ohio man who, in early June, found 10 bales of pot tightly bound inside the safe he had ordered…had nothing to do with the drug shipment and was only expecting to find an empty space where he could store 24 long rifles and a dozen shotguns.”

Bummer… Don’t you hate it when you find nearly half a million dollars’ worth of Acapulco Gold hidden in your new online purchase? Yeah me too.

Built south of the border – and packaged for shipment by some extremely trustworthy inmate’s at a local Mexican prison. The Bud stuffed safe was then shipped north, across the border to the wrong address, according to the Shelby County, Police Department.

Police hope to question a driver for Conway Inc., the truck company they said Champion hired to move the 25 to 30 gun safes to a warehouse in Ohio for local distribution. But they have not been able to find the driver, officials said.

“Not only are we looking for him,” said the Shelby County Police Department, “but the bad guys are, too.”

Hmm – maybe that’s why the recipient was so anxious to distance himself from his newest purchase. Retaliation by the Mexican drug cartel is fast and ugly. And only under the weirdest of circumstances would this dirt weed be worth the risk of some short-lived monetary gain.