Buddha Seeds Review

 Buddha Seeds Review

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Buddah Seeds is one of the top known breeders on the market today. Their unique strains include indicas and sativas, and include both feminized and auto-flowering sexes. Buddah Seeds takes pride in the superior genetics of their cannabis strains and strives to achieve only the finest results in their breeding. With six outstanding strains currently on the market, Buddah Seeds is an excellent choice for any of your cannabis seed needs.

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  1. Williams Wonder is definitely an original Super Sativa Seed Club seedstock which most likely descends from early import pot from afghan seed. Selective breeding and acclimatization resulted in the growers goals of an extremely potent and early growing variety. The super-sticky Williams Wonder is pretty pungent and is also an excellent hard-stash for those deciphering cannabis connoisseur. A huge cheers to the Newf in making these breeding stocks possible.

  2. Cloud 9 is already the champion of prizes which includes 3rd place Bio seed strain, during the High Life Cannabis Cup 08′. Cloud 9 is an appetizing feast of flavors developed from classic origins. In years past ‘Dampkring Classics’ and ‘Kiwiseeds’ began a project to stabilize an extremely great demonstration of one of the very best herbs on earth ‘N.Y.C. Diesel’. After heaps of work the end product has become crossed together with the notorious Kiwiseeds ‘Milky Way’ to produce something very unique. This hybrid is focused on taste. Choose seedlings that indicate vigour and strong branching patterns, for the finest mothers. Finishing times are solid. For connoisseur product pick the longer flowering phenotypes.