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buddha syrup seeds

Buddha syrup seeds

This is a latest generation autoflowering strain, very productive and powerful, with an aphrodisiac aroma of ginger, elderberries and spices.

With Syrup, Buddha Seeds have created a plant with a columnar growth structure, but well-branched at its base. It is ideal for SOG (Sea of Green) cultivation indoors and great for outdoors, greenhouses or discretely growing on balconies.

Syrup’s smoke is very thick and looks like cumulus clouds that, after tasted, will float you into a blissful state of relaxation and wellbeing.

Syrup from Buddha Seeds is a feminised autoflowering cannabis variety that comes from a crossing of some of the sweeter Indica genetics on the market today.

Those who have tasted it qualify it as a delicatessen, and what really stands out for those who have grown is its early finishing, being ready to harvest just 57 days after germination.

Buddha syrup seeds

With dense and heavy smoke that you can almost chew, its effects are heavily narcotic and ideal for medicinal use.

Syrup is a hybrid obtained by crossing autoflowering varieties with the sweetest of indicas.

Indoors it is an ideal plant for the sea of green technique; outdoors it is discreet enough to be ideal for gardens and balconies.

Syrup Auto

Syrup Auto

It has a fruity flavour with hints of ginger and elderberry, but its real beauty lies in its potency.

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In terms of taste it is a real delicacy and is quick enough for even the most impatient grower!