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bugatti seeds

Bugatti seeds

Bugatti OG is an indica/sativa variety, listed in our database as a clone only strain and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . .

Here you can find all info about the clone only cannabis strain Bugatti OG. If you are searching for information about the clone only Bugatti OG, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Bugatti OG, another member of the esteemed OG Kush family, is an indica-dominant hybrid with effects as luxurious as its automotive namesake. A sweet pine aroma familiar to OG Kush enthusiasts emanates from Bugatti OG’s resin-caked buds. Deep relaxation anchors the body, but intense cerebral stimulation lifts the mind to faraway escapes from aches, pains, and stress.

Basic Strain Info

What do we know about the clone-only Bugatti OG?

Bugatti seeds

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Read the Bugatti OG seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Bugatti OG seeds.

Bugatti OG reviews

Is it good to know what the flavor of Bugatti OG is before you buy Bugatti OG seeds online. It said Bugatti OG tastes mostly like:

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Bugatti OG seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Bugatti OG seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Bugatti OG is a hybrid strain with a THC level of 23.5 percent. The CBD level of this strain is low. Bugatti OG is related to the OG Kush strain with a variety of 50% sativa and 50% sativa. Bugatti OG will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with a fine return in harvest. It is not hard to grow these Bugatti OG seeds, you keep an eye on this plant will it grows, the flowering period is pretty average.

Bugatti OG specifications

The Bugatti OG has Berry, Lavender, Pine, Chemical and Diesel flavors while the effects of bugatti og are reported as focused, euphoric, tingly, uplifted and relaxed.Bugatti OG seeds are not available to buy online at the moment, we will update the information as soon as we have a seedbank selling Bugatti OG seeds.

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Bugatti OG seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Bugatti OG seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

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