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buy cannabis growing equipment

Set-up properly, optimise your indoor garden and enjoy hydroponics success!

Our friendly, experienced hydroponics experts will advise you about all aspects of indoor hydroponic gardening – grow lighting, nutrients, temperature, heating, humidity, ventilation and more.

No matter how much experience or know-how you have, our online hydro shop UK team are always on hand to help.

Hydroponics is a fun way to grow healthy and high-yielding plants in a liquid nutrient solution – with or without using soil.

Why should you choose THC Hydroponics?

Established in 2017, THC Hydroponics supplies all the hydroponic equipment, grow systems & nutrients for crops to achieve their full potential.

For more professional advice and information, get in touch or call 01926 511151 – we’re happy to advise anyone who loves hydroponics and indoor gardening!


Buy cannabis growing equipment

I know how you feel, your desire to grow your own weed is increasing. It’s even something you may have thought of for a long time, especially after the historical change of legalization, societies’ changing attitudes towards cannabis and the graduate vanishing to stoners’ stigma. But if you’ve never started your marijuana garden, you will have to start off with checking our Step by Step Guide to Grow Your Weed Indoors for Beginners.

2. Hydrobuilder

Vermont is a state built on self-reliance and community—a desire to be connected to the earth as well as to one another. Green State Garden leads the nation in protecting working landscapes, local and organic food, renewable energy, and natural, holistic health care.

5. Unique Hydroponics

December 05, 2018

Buy cannabis growing equipment

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Now, if you’re growing in regular soil, you’ll definitely need a good set of quality nutrients.

High temperatures can quickly destroy your crop. And proper ventilation keeps the temperature in your grow room / grow tent in check.

Besides these main benefits growing in soil has a few added benefits like:

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Here are some tried and tested Sativa-heavy strains, that are actually pretty well suited for indoor growing:

If you’re just starting out, an easy option is to get a full HPS grow light kit which includes both the ballast and the hood.

What type of growing medium you use, is fully dependent on whether you’re growing in soil vs hydroponics .

5. Pots & Buckets

But with your first grow, you will want an easy grow and a large yield.

For proper ventilation, you need all 3 of these elements to be present.