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c99 blueberry seeds

C99 blueberry seeds

Seedsman emphasises its strong vegetative vigour, especially during the stretch at the beginning of the flowering stage. It will grow strongly, so we must provide enough space for our plants to fit.

C99 x Blueberry Fast early and fast flowering provides us, cultivated outdoors, a harvest ready in September before adverse weather conditions begin. Cultivated indoors, it is ready to harvest after about 6-7 weeks of flowering, with a yield of up to 350-450g per m2.

This cross between C99 x Blueberry and a Fast line offers a cannabis variety that depends on the photoperiod to bloom, but with a very fast flowering stage and the harvest ready in just 45 days of flowering.

Seedsman presents C99 x Blueberry Fast, a Sativa dominant variety ready to harvest in just 7 weeks of flowering. It is available now in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia.

A fruity and mature Sativa in just 45 days of flowering

It produces few leaves thus it is simple to manicure, offering acidic, floral and spicy aromas accompanied by a balanced effect.

The rate at which the plant grows is sped up due to its genetics meaning that in merely 45 days once flowering has commenced, you can expect yields of up to 350-450gr/m 2

C99 x Blueberry Fast seeds are feminised, high-yield and impressively quick to flower. The plant itself is a sativa-dominant hybrid of the Jack Herer descendant – Cinderella 99, classic Blueberry and a fast growing parent plant.

Although fruity, the high content of Thai sativa genetics in the buds result in aromatic South East Asian flavours that are immediately noticeable. The flowers themselves yield large and compact resinous buds high in THC levels. The flowers also produce a small number of big leaves which makes trimming significantly easier.

Plants will grow to between 80cm and 1.40m and planting them in the ground or in greenhouse conditions will result in larger size. This combined with growth rate means its highly recommended to provide enough initial grow space to avoid cramped conditions. If the seeds are planted outdoors then expect to be ready to harvest in September.