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ca weed growing laws

Ca weed growing laws

This is true, however, only provided that the defendant completes:

Our California criminal defense attorneys will answer the following key questions in this article:

This means that any charges in the case could get reduced or even dismissed.

8.1. Simple possession of marijuana – HS 11357

Health and Safety Code 11358 HS is the California statute that defines the crime of illegal cultivation of marijuana. Although adults 21 and over are now permitted to grow up to 6 cannabis plants, the law makes it a misdemeanor offense to grow in excess of these limits. A conviction is punishable by up to 6 months in jail.

This is opposed to six plants each. 2

This is known as “deferred entry of judgment (DEJ).”

2.2. Drug treatment

California Penal Code 666 PC — more commonly known as “petty theft with a prior” — allows prosecutors to file a petty theft charge as a felony rather than a misdemeanor if the offender has three or more prior theft-related convictions. Historically, only one prior was required to elevate a subsequent petty theft to a .

A conviction under this statute, though, does not produce these results.

Ca weed growing laws

But marijuana possession for sale without a license is a felony if any of the following is true:

A California appeals court recently ruled that you can be charged with reckless driving under California law if you ride your bicycle recklessly. In 2013, after drinking heavily at a Dodgers game, Jorge Velasquez, Jr., rode away on his bicycle. While going downhill on the wrong side of the road, he struck a pedestrian. The .

4. What are the penalties for selling, gifting, transporting, or importing marijuana?

For one thing, the strict quantity limits applicable to recreational do not apply. Medical marijuana users can, with a doctor’s recommendation, possess as much marijuana as their condition reasonably demands for medical purposes.

Legal references:

Restrictions on sale and transport