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California Dream Seeds
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California Dream Info

PLANT TYPE70% Indica 30% Sativa
THCUp to 24%
CLIMATEIndoors or sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS21 oz per 3x3ft

California Dream Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

California Dream starts flowering soon after 12/12 and continues progressively at a regular pace. The plants are very similar in appearance and height, which means you can rely on steady results when growing from seeds. Under a standard 3-4 week vegetative time in soil with 400-600W HPS/m2 they tend to stretch to approx. 1 meter (3.3 feet) with little variation. The attractive buds have a typical conical shape with towers of resiny calyxes. Some buds are denser than others but the differences are minimal. This strain may have good potential for SCROG. California Dream prefers to grow in a balanced soil mix without excessive nitrogen content, and hot organic mixes with bat guano, etc. should be avoided. In a sea of green set-up it may be best to prune the shoots at the bottom three internodes to strengthen the top branches.

Resin production is reliable among all plants and the buds are easy to trim after harvest. Mold resistance tends to be high. Outdoors, California Dream can be grown in temperate regions as long as the weather does not turn before the harvesting date, around the middle of September. The effects are quick-hitting, producing an all-round high that can be felt in both body and mind. The stone leaves a sense of well-being and reflects the balanced yet stimulating power of it’s parentage. It may inspire you to hang loose and take a mind vacation, or motivate you to have fun with friends. This is a promising strain to try out.

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  1. Dinafem presents California Hash Plant. This feminized seed is pure East Indian; a region recognized for turning into the maker of several of the finest Indica.

  2. California Wildfire Seeds by Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seedbank, this bank proceeded to go an old school style and back in history to resource and retrieve some critically serious genetics. Taking plants that hark during the 70’s, Emerald Triangle now have new genetic material and blended them up to develop strains that will make you awe struck. These high grade Medical Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, also offered as feminized seeds, these standard seeds are in fact gaining notoriety amongst collectors, this guarantees Emerald Triangle Seeds will end up with a huge demand.

  3. A mix of a phenos of Urkel in California X CH9 jack33. Is quick and brief, sweet smelling, light candy flavor connected with a peppery high, quite robust and penetrating, mind bending, excellent uplifting high, motivational high. Ideal for closet & homebox garden. Limited series.

  4. This California serves as a strain which is originated from an original American California, crossed with Skunk.

  5. The Early California is among the best cannabis varieties from northern California. Another harvest festival champion.

  6. Seedsman Californian Skunk Haze produces plants with that classic sativa psychoactive effect. It is based on the California Orange indica / sativa hybrid which is a true-breeding cannabis strain introduced to The Netherlands in the early 1980s. It has been improved by the Haze effect and in the increased bulk contributed by the Skunk.

  7. Dutch Passion’s La Lybella is a 90 % sativa variety. La Lybella Cannabis Seeds are a new strain for Dutch Passion that produce an open plant with many well developed buds. The spicy aroma makes this variety an agreeable smoke. They describe the high as a clear, energizing up that makes you want to move. Therefore La Lybella is not the right choice for bedtime smoking. Heavy THC accumulation starts during the fourth week of blooming, and it is advisable to give the seedlings at least 14 days of 18-hour days prior to flowering for maximum yield. When grown indoors expect a medium yield of excellent sativa with little trimming.

  8. A strain of a fable, The Purps proceeded to go onto win many awards in recent times as among the most prestigious seeds around the world. BC Bud Depot have integrated the greatest Sativa and Indica characteristics to build this glorious hybrid. On the whole an utter must have for virtually every collector of souvenir Seeds.

  9. Win friends and influence enemies with this excellent strain, which is soon to be renowned! Somativa, with its Jack Herer and Big Korean Skunk lineage, defies the odds by becoming even more animated with the dizzying addition of G-13 Haze. G13 Haze x Somativa Seeds from the Soma Seedbank is a Indica/sativa hybrid.

  10. An even harmony of Sativa and Indica enhances Flying Dragon with all the top elements of the two psychoactive sides from the cannabis family. From South East Asian genetics, a mindblowing Cambodian combined with the world-champion Haze genotype comes an ascending cerebral high which could keep you drifting inside the clouds. Bringing things down again to earth may be the fire-breathing Indica punch from a Kush-Skunk parent. Individual females can prefer one side of the Sativa-Indica spectrum more than some other, and the outcomes of this interaction are constantly mind-blowing. Plants are medium-to-tall and protect themselves with insane, bubbling peaks of calyxes that burst everywhere. Resin glands highlight every surface and will quickly gum-up scissors. Luckily, a little manicuring is required as Flying Dragon’s leathery, dark greenish leaves are sparse inside the bud structures and remove easily.

  11. Kalichakra is named after the Indian goddess Kali (a consort of the ganja smoking Lord Shiva) to symbolize the power of this hardy, potent, high-yielding sativa. Unlike typical sativas she develops extremely well indoor with vigorous growth and sturdy stems. This hybrid vigor, and the unique land race traits, make her surprisingly adaptable and easy to grow, and a good choice for novice gardeners. mother plants provide clones easily and quickly. The cuttings can be placed into flowering early for cultivating shorter plants in trays, grow boxes, etc., or to shorten flowering time. We recommend this strain for SOG as well. In hydroponics rapid growth can be expected. She responds well to being tied down and grows an impressively large main cola from the even light distribution. The high calyx-to-leaf ratio and frosty coating of trichomes contribute to the exceptional quality of the ripe flowers. The plants possess on average a good mold and pest resistance thanks to our dedicated breeding goals in minimizing undesirable genetic traits. Up to the 45ø latitude Kalichakra delivers bumper yields outdoor and is one of the best strains available for hot/southern climates. In northern climates she has also performed well but results depend on plant care, local weather, and phenotype.