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california medical cannabis seeds

California medical cannabis seeds

Clear-headed focus during the day or deep relaxation at night, Schrom marijuana seeds deliver a well-rounded strain every gardener should know. With a moderate level of THC, these feminized seeds – best suited to intermediate gardeners – ease stress and depression with a hint of lemon and lime.

Conspiracy Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Dream Police will be the type of police you want knocking at your door, opening the door to free flowing thoughts and deep relaxation.

Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

With sweetly aromatic and sticky buds, Blue Afghani marijuana is a resilient strain that gently relaxes body and mind for an evening of quiet contemplation and relief.

California medical cannabis seeds

In other words, California’s cannabis industry eclipses many global industries and is set to increase in the coming years.

If you’re tired of long lines and perpetually finding your desired seed strain marked as sold out — it’s time to hop online and grab a pack of seeds (or more) with the click of a button on ILGM or MSNL Seed Bank.

As with all states in the USA — the black market poses a problem in California.

Now, let’s talk about seed banks.

California’s Booming Cannabis Industry

If you’ve fallen in love with the Girl Scout Cookies seed strain or any other notable dessert strain — it’s all thanks to Berner and the Cookie Fam.

Finally, after years of advocacy, California voters turned a dream into reality.

You can’t talk about California’s cannabis industry without giving a nod to Cookie Fam and their close associates, such as the Jungle Boys and The Village.

Mimosa Feminized Seed Strain

Even during the depth of winter — it’s nothing but sunshine and mild temperatures throughout California’s major cities. Of course, the further south you go (SoCal), you’ll find endless sunshine that’ll leave your skin sun-kissed with a golden tan.

We recommend Trainwreck to any grower that wants top-shelf sativa buds and a piece of California history.