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Essentially, CBD lube is a lubricant formula that has been infused with CBD oil. They are oil-based formulas, dissolving CBD oil in the mixture easy. Can you use CBD Oil as a Lube? Cannabis Lube is a lubricant that has a cannabis extract called cannabidiol (CBD) in it and has increased in popularity.

CBD Lube: Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

A few drops of CBD a day keeps the doctor away – even the sex doctor. The plethora of medicinal applications of CBD has gained a lot of media attention, but people often overlook the possibility of CBD to do some magic in the bedroom.

It might not go a long way towards making your junk feel extra special, but it might help bypass some of the uncomfortable aspects of sex – especially for those who experience discomfort during sex for one reason or another.

It’s not uncommon to find THC-infused sex products in dispensaries. Foria and Empower have been making THC-infused products for your genitals for a long time. In general, these products can really change the way that sexual sensations are experienced. CBD doesn’t necessarily have these effects, but it might be the secret ingredient that store-bought lubricants have been missing.

If CBD lube is not something you need, but still want to try CBD, the following brands are worth considering:

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What is CBD Lube?

Essentially, CBD lube is a lubricant formula that has been infused with CBD oil. They are usually oil-based formulas, as this makes dissolving CBD oil in the mixture easy. However, for the sake of being condom appropriate, some companies are trying to make CBD lubricants that are not oil-based.

The main objective behind CBD lube is a body-friendly formula that isn’t jam-packed with chemicals that anybody would feel nervous about putting on their private parts! The ingredients are usually natural oils and perfumes that can be found at just about any health food store.

CBD Lube vs. Cannabis Lube

CBD lube only contains CBD! It’s important to know this because when you step into a dispensary, you can be met with a lot of different cannabis-infused personal lubricants. Some of them are infused with the whole cannabis plant, meaning that they contain the full cannabinoid profile including THC.

These make up the range of cannabis lubricants. However, CBD lube is not like this. It does not contain the full cannabinoid profile and is usually infused with CBD oil, meaning the only cannabinoid present is CBD.

How Does CBD Lube Help?

So what’s the point exactly in choosing a CBD lube? Well, there are not many lubricants out there marketed towards those who experience pain or discomfort during sex. CBD lube might actually be one of the first “medicinal” personal lubricants. For one reason or another, some people experience pain during sex.

This might be because of a medical condition such as endometriosis, or perhaps because of early sexual abuse. In any case, CBD might be able to relieve people of some of the discomfort that they experience during sex.

Another special thing to consider is that CBD is natural. Those who make CBD-infused lubricants often make a point of this, and they integrate other natural products into the final mixture. CBD lube can help possibly because it’s natural and does not cause any irritation that chemical filled lubricants might, especially for those who are sensitive.

Anti-inflammatory Effects of CBD

CBD is often consumed for its anti-inflammatory effects. It is also sometimes applied topically as a salve or lotion to provide localized relief to inflamed areas. CBD lube can elicit the exact same effects when they are applied to the genitals. If for some reason there is inflammation around the genitals that causes discomfort during sex, CBD lube can really help to make sex a much more pleasurable experience.

CBD and THC Can Work Together

CBD and THC are often considered partners in crime. While they can both be beneficial on their own, together they are synergistic. When they are operating in tandem, the medicinal benefits of both cannabinoids is amplified.

The collective effort of all of the constituent parts of marijuana is referred to as the entourage effect. Scientists talk about the entourage effect often when they talk about the medicinal application of cannabis, but it’s no different for lubricant.

Don’t worry, applying THC-infused lube to your genitals isn’t going to make you high. But it might make your genitals feel a little bit special. The effect of both cannabinoids infused into a single lubricant could mean a very pain-free enjoyable sexual experience for both parties.

How To Use CBD Lube For Sex

If you’re feeling a little bit curious about using CBD lube, don’t worry – it’s not any more difficult than using regular lubricant. However, there are some very important tips that we have for you about using CBD lube.

Firstly, CBD lube is often made with CBD oil. Even if the amount is minute, you need to remember that oils are not compatible with condom use. In fact, oils degrade latex and can cause the condom to break. Any lubricant that is oil based is not appropriate for use with condoms, so make sure you’re prepared for that.

Some CBD lubricants are made with CBD isolate (rather than oil), but cannabinoids are not soluble in water, so the CBD is usually infused into an oil. Always read the ingredients on the bottle, and if there is even a little bit of oil, be careful about use with condoms.

Secondly, it is better to apply the lubricant up to thirty minutes before having sex. Not all products will come with this handy little tip – although some of them do. It’s a good thing to do because it gives your nether regions a chance to absorb the cannabinoids and provide the relief that you’re looking for. This is especially true with lubricants that have THC infused into them also.

Finally, it can be used with a partner or with toys! Just lube up whatever needs lubing and get down to business!

Things To Consider When Using CBD Lube

There are some things to consider before you start using CBD lube. At the end of the day, this is designed to enhance the sexual experience, which is sensitive enough as it is. Here are some important factors that you should think carefully about before deciding to go ahead and use this kind of personal lubricant.

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Do You Want The Added Effects of THC?

Remember what we said earlier – CBD lube contains only CBD. If you want the added effects of THC, you have to search for a lubricant that contains both cannabinoids. Or you can simply drop a few drops of THC oil into your lubricant. There is quite a noticeable “buzz” that happens downstairs when you use a THC-infused lube.

It can make your parts a bit more sensitive to sexual excitation and can make everything feel a little bit more special. A CBD-only lube won’t necessarily excite your private parts the same way that THC does

Check The Ingredients For Fillers

Before you buy anything, look at the list of ingredients. It’s not hard to fool people into buying products these days by sticking the words “natural” or “healthy” on it. Have a look at the ingredients. It may contain fillers or chemical emulsifiers if the manufacturers have mad a water-based lubricant.

Make sure always to check to make sure you’re not sticking anything nasty on the family jewels.

Does Your Partner Like It?

Well – this one is pretty important. If your partner doesn’t like it, it’s not going to make for a very sexy experience. For it to be successful, both you and your partner have to enjoy the effects of a CBD lube. If your partner isn’t comfortable with cannabis products, it might seem a little bit weird to bring CBD into the bedroom.

Many people still retain a lot of anti-cannabis propaganda and it might feel a little bit weird for them to accept a CBD lube. Make sure that your partner is into it – otherwise, it just won’t be as fun!

DIY CBD lube guide

Yes – you absolutely can make your own CBD lube at home! It’s as easy as mixing some CBD into your favorite oils and giving it ago. We have some tips for you!

Choose Your Oil

Start your DIY lube by choosing your oil base. Don’t use anything that is perfumed. You are best off using a natural nut or vegetable oil such as fractionated coconut oil, jojoba, avocado or sweet almond oil.

You can use olive oil if you like, but remember that it has quite a strong smell. If you go for coconut oil, make sure you use the fractionated version. It will stay a liquid at room temperature. Remember that you can always mix oils to get the consistency that you’re looking for.

Add CBD Isolate

Once you’ve chosen your oils or mixture of oils, simply add CBD isolate. Heat your oils in a double boiler and mix your CBD isolate in. It should melt and dissolve into the oil mixture.

The great thing about isolate is it allows you to know the exact amount of CBD in your DIY lube. If you use one gram of isolate, you know that your bottle of lube contains 1000mg of CBD.

CBD Lube Brands To Consider

There are a lot of companies manufacturing CBD lubricants and selling them in dispensaries. You will have almost no difficulty finding a product. But they are all different, and not all of them stack up when it comes to the characteristics of a really good lube. These are a few brands you can consider trying out.

Privy Peach

Privy Peach makes a very basic lubricant. The ingredients are simply virgin coconut oil and CBD oil. A very basic recipe that does the job well.

Velvet Swing

The formula created by Velvet Swing is a little bit more comprehensive than Privy Peach. To start with, Velvet Swing combines THC, CBD, and other terpenes. Also, this personal lubricant is water based, meaning that certain emulsifiers must have been used to infuse the cannabinoids. This quality makes Velvet Swing lubricant safe to use with latex condoms.

Foria Awaken

Foria is well known for being able to produce a very sensual cannabis product. Awaken is a personal lubricant infused with CBD and Kava. For those who don’t know, Kava is a plant from the Pacific Islands known for its mildly psychoactive effects. It is also an aphrodisiac. Awaken is made completely out of plant products, making it a natural lubricant.

Kush Queen Ignite

Ignite CBD lube is made by Kush Queen and is a CBD-only product. The ingredients aren’t anything to rave about, as it contains a number of chemical emulsifiers. However, this is another condom-appropriate CBD lube that you can try.

Good Clean Love Caragold

Good Clean Love makes a number of different personal lubricants that are cannabis infused. They swear by their organic ingredient list. These guys make glycerin-based lubricants, making it appropriate for use with condoms.

Final Thoughts On CBD Lube

Lube is one of those things that is extremely personal. You really don’t know what you’re going to like until you try it. If you experience discomfort that interferes with your ability to enjoy the sexual experience, something like CBD lube could be a very exciting new thing to try. For everybody else, it might just be something they try out of their love for cannabis.

The sex industry has never really taken into account those who experience difficulties having sex because of pain, for example.

The cannabis industry has really opened up a door for people who do have these difficulties, offering them healthy, fun and playful options. CBD lube – it’s something new and totally worth trying!

Cannabis Lube: Can you use CBD oil as a lube?

CBD Lube infused with broad-spectrum CBD are more popular than ever and more importantly more effective than other lubes for stimulating your partner. Many businesses have decided to white label existing cannabis lube brands but this does not diminish the fact this works.

A story as old as recorded history is the pairing of cannabis and sexual activity. With roots which are believed to be linked to tantric sex acts in Hindu culture, extending through the ages to the Vikings and their ‘love god’ Freya to being a ritualistic part of Eastern European wedding ceremonies.

Cannabis has been linked with an increase in sexual pleasure for millennia and we are even seeing clinical studies which are backing this link in modern-day science. For example, it has been shown in a recent study that CBD can increase sexual satisfaction. But what is it in cannabis that can help increase sexual satisfaction? What products can you legally purchase? We will take a look at using CBD oil as lube and benefits of cbd as lube.

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It currently feels that if you can think of a CBD product, there’s a strong chance it already exists. We will give a full overview of the benefits of CBD lube using any scientific study where applicable whilst also providing you with a full in-depth overview of any products available.

Table of Contents

What is CBD lube?

CBD lube is simply a lubricant used to accompany the act of copulation that has a cannabis extract called cannabidiol (CBD) in it. The ever increasing reviews surrounding CBD lubes state that the benefits are astounding, in particular for women, but also for men.

The human body contains a system of chemical messengers and receptors called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The chemical messengers (endocannabinoids) are dispersed through a variety of tissues throughout the human body from the brain and central nervous system to the genital areas of both men and women, including the testicles and the inner walls of the vagina.

Topical CBD is CBD designed to be rubbed into the skin, where the cannabidiol can be absorbed and then interact with the receptors of the ECS, causing its effects. These include an increase in blood flow and muscle relaxation amongst others.

Why use lubricants for sexual activity?

Why do people use lubricants for sexual activity at all? Forgetting CBD oil lube for a moment and focusing on lubricants in general, they are used for a variety of reasons for sexual activity for purposes that can be considered quite intimate and personal.

Lubricants are designed to reduce friction between two moving objects that may rub/chafe and therefore cause pain or discomfort. Our bodies produce our own natural lubricants, but sometimes these aren’t produced fast enough or in enough quantity and therefore the requirement for an external lubricant is needed. The reduction in friction also results in the average amount of time of sexual activity to be increased, particularly for men because the increased lubrication can reduce sensitivity.

Lubricants can either be water-based, silicone-based or oil-based, with each having different benefits and drawbacks depending upon the type and length of sexual activity being engaged in. Consequently, it is good to read up upon the benefits and drawbacks of these different types of lubricants, but unfortunately, they fall out of the scope of this article.

What does a CBD lubricant do?

Believe or not CBD Lubes can be great for the start, middle and end of your bedroom workout. While CBD lubes are great for making things a little smoother at the start they can also be used before you get started. You can use it as a massage oil. This might just be a great way to get the heart pumping and juices flowing before the main event.

CBD lubricants give you heat and excitement, but they also create a sense of ease and calm. This serenity helps to keep you cooler longer, resulting in a slightly longer session and a more intense climax.

There’s a reason that sexual arousal is akin to getting the blood flowing; that’s literally what it means. This is another area of sexual wellness where hemp shines. Cannabis (and of course, hemp) is a “vasodilator,” meaning it expands the blood vessels and increases circulation and blood flow. This blood flow, as a result, boosts sensations and intensifies orgasms.

CBD lube benefits

The benefits of lubricants, in general, are to reduce friction, increase sexual pleasure and increase the length of time of sexual activity. But what are the benefits of adding CBD to lube? Some of the benefits of CBD lube and CBD for sex are:

  • An increase in sensitivity
  • An increased feeling of relaxation
  • A heightened and stronger sensation during orgasms
  • A decrease in pain that can accompany penetrative sex

Increase in sensitivity

The CBD in CBD lube can be absorbed into the endocannabinoid receptors in the genital areas of both men and women. Here they reduce inflammation which increases blood flow to the area applied. An increase in blood flow is associated with an increase in sensation and therefore an increase in sensitivity, making sex more pleasurable.

An increased feeling of relaxation

CBD oil that has been made to be ingested into the body, is known to cause a feeling of relaxation and a reduction in anxiety. This may create a willingness to engage in a desired activity that has previously been a cause for shyness and embarrassment.

A heightened and stronger orgasm

A combination of an increase in sensitivity to touch as well as a more relaxed approach to engaging in sexual activity may ultimately result in much stronger and better orgasms for both men and women.

Decrease in pain

CBD is an anti-inflammatory proven to decrease aches and pains. So, when using CBD lube it can absorb into the skin and exert its anti-inflammatory effects on the endocannabinoid receptors in the genital region. Prolonged encounters in sexual activity can result in discomfort for both men and women, so a CBD lubricant can not only reduce the discomfort caused, but the pain experience post-coitus.

Can you use CBD oil as lube?

Today we are going to answer your question “Can I use CBD oil as lube?”. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid found exclusively with the cannabis plant. It can either be consumed by smoking or vaping the buds from cannabis plants that are high in CBD (hemp), or it can be extracted and put into an array of products including CBD oil or CBD lube UK.

CBD is used for its array of medicinal benefits, from preventing seizures of MS patients to being used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and swelling for athletes. However, CBD is mostly used as a health and wellness dietary supplement in the form of CBD or hemp oil which is placed under the tongue.

CBD has been declared completely safe for use by the World Health Organisation for use in both novel foods and topical products, with CBD lube falling into the latter. CBD oil lube is non-intoxicating, non-addictive and non-toxic to humans, and is therefore 100% safe.

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Cannabis lube – What are the risks?

CBD as an ingredient in both food and for topical applications (like CBD lube) has been declared completely safe by the World Health Organization. Small-scale studies have shown that people tolerate CBD really well with no major side-effects have been observed at all. Some individuals may experience mild side effects through ingesting CBD, such as changes in appetite, fatigue and diarrhea.

However, no side effects have been observed with topical CBD products, such as CBD lube.

The only potential issue you may have with CBD lube products may be caused through the current lack of regulation within the CBD industry. To combat this, it’s important to only purchase CBD oil from companies that you have thoroughly researched and that are completely transparent about the products they sell.

It is also worth noting that CBD lubes are predominately oil-based, and oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms because the oil can cause the latex to break down and tear.

What to look for in the best CBD lubricant

No one knows you better than yourself, not even your partner. When you engage in sexual activity with someone else you are ultimately looking for pleasure.

For some people, this can be a nerve-wracking activity instead of a fun and exciting activity. So if you read that and found some similarities then a Lube with a very high CBD content would be for you. Lubes with a high CBD concentration can help to relax you while also promoting arousal through increased blood flow.

Most CBD lubricants will do a similar job but if you are looking for an all-round pleasurable experience then you can look to lower the CBD concentration in return for a nice aroma from the lubricant.

The CBD content isn’t the only thing you should look out for. You should consider how you are going to engage in sex.

Will you be using a condom?

This is a big question to consider when buying CBD lube. Some Lubricants are water-based which is completely safe to use with condoms however some oil-based lubes can cause condoms to break down.

Are there types to avoid?

While it’s not in all lubricants women should still look out for an ingredient called glycerin. This can affect the natural pH levels in the vagina and lead to a yeast infection.

There are only a few small things to look out for but after them, CBD lubricants should be fully embraced into your sex life.

The Top 5 Best CBD Lubes in UK

CBD lubricants have been available in the U.S.A for a long period of time now and the variety of products available is astounding. It seems it has taken the UK a while to catch up but now there are some CBD lube products worth talking about:

1. 1Foria Awaken CBD Lube (oil-based)

From the Foria Wellness lab comes Foria Awaken, a THC-free wholesale broad-spectrum CBD lubricant which is made from all-natural ingredients. With a menthol/mint aroma, this lube is completely edible and suitable for vegans. Available in 30 ml and 60 ml bottles, it is lab-tested for purity and includes 9 other plant-based aphrodisiacs.

2. Canniant Pleasure – CBD Intimate Lubricant (oil-based)

Containing 330 mg of CBD per 15 ml spray bottle, this coconut-scented lubricant is completely free of THC but packed with a range of other phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Using 100% USA grown hemp, Canniant Pleasures CBD lube is also edible and has a wonderful non-sticky texture.

3. Bella Olio D’Amore CBD-infused Silicone-based Lubricant

This silicone-based lubricant from Bella Olio D’amore is made from premium CBD and is available in 40 mg and 100 mg bottles. It offers a welcome break for CBD lubricant UK users looking for a non-oil-based lube, which leads us on to our next product…

4. Bella Olio D’Amore CBD-infused Water-based Lubricant

There aren’t many CBD-infused water-based lubricants on the market at all, and the only one worth mentioning is this product from Bella. It contains 100 mg of CBD per 170 ml bottle and is unscented and has a natural feel.

5. Infinite Big Bang CBD Personal Lubricant (oil-based)

Used as either a lubricant or as a massage oil, this USA grown hemp contains 150 mg of CBD in a 170 ml bottle and is made using all-natural ingredients. Has an amazing natural vanilla scent and feels silky and smooth.

Are CBD lubes just for women?

Many lubricant products on the market seemed to be aimed towards a feminine market, but this doesn’t make them exclusive to women or for just heterosexual relationships. The fact is that anybody who engages in sexual activity can benefit from using CBD lube, regardless of gender.

Is CBD lube legal in the UK?

CBD products are perfectly legal for production, use and sale in the UK as long as they are free from the main intoxicating and psychoactive constituent of cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Most companies are aware of this and therefore most products available on sale in the UK won’t contain THC, however, it is still good to be vigilant if you want to remain on the right side of the law.

Can I make my own CBD lube at home?

Of course, you can. Making your own CBD lube at home is easy, but you must be aware of a bit of chemistry first. Cannabidiol is a compound that will dissolve in oil, but not in water or silicone without any further chemical steps.

Therefore, in order to make CBD lube at home, you can mix pure CBD isolate or CBD oil with coconut oil or any oil-based lubricant in whatever quantity you desire.


The world of cannabis-based products is ever-growing and sometimes a little bit confusing. However, when you look at the history of cannabis in the ‘bedroom’ and research studies into the use of cannabis for intimate purposes, it makes sense that in the 21st century, cannabis-based sex products will be on the market.

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