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can you grow cannabis outside in the uk

Can you grow cannabis outside in the uk

The water that you use to water your plants is hugely important, particularly if you are growing in pots. In the earth this tends to be less of an issue. Some people PH their water, some don’t. I did for a while and then noticed the plants seemed to love the rainwater which was around 8 as well – the same as tap.

You may also want to investigate using molasses – specifically black strap molasses. Some people only use molasses. You just put half a tablespoon into a small pot, add boiling water, let it dissolve a bit, stir in then add to your watering can or whatever. Added just before flowering begins this definitely ads to the weight of the buds.

Another option is to soak a tablespoon of bat guano in 5 litres of hot (not boiling) water over night, mixing well, and using the next day. Feeding every couple of weeks is normally sufficient.

Guerilla growing (growing weed in the ‘wild’) is quite popular – costs are low and it can be done almost anywhere. The south of England is better, but plenty of fine weed has been grown outside in the north of England, Scotland and even Wales. Recent improvements in autoflowering strains mean you can grow cannabis plants in just 9 or 10 weeks and without too much bother.

Frisian Dew also from Dutch Passion – This strain is half indica half sativa and again will thrive outside in the UK.

They even have specific amendments for autoflowering plants. If you are in the US or Canada there is an alternative called Gaia Green.

Flowering generally begins in August or September, depending on the strain and can take several weeks at the least. Some plants will not finish until October – some strains such as Purple Maroc or autoflowering strains will finish much earlier, lessening the chances of mold affecting the buds, or hitting a frost. You also get your bud earlier!

Tap water in the UK contains calcium and other elements that can be good for weed. Outdoors you should be OK without messing around with this too much but if you notice discolouration on your plants it may be worth checking the ph of your water – Around 6 is good.

‘J Arthur Bowers Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes‘ is a highly recommended compost. Perlite is often added to compost to help it hold moisture.

Can you grow cannabis outside in the uk

Many UK outdoor cannabis growers will germinate their cannabis seeds indoors and give them the first few weeks under artificial indoor light, e.g. 18-20 hours per day. They do this regardless of whether the seeds are autoflower seeds or feminised seeds. By giving the seedlings indoor light for the first few weeks the plants get the best possible start and avoid the threats of outdoor weather/pests while they are at their most vulnerable.

Frisian Duck. With the unique leaf shape Frisian Duck seeds are ideal for outdoor growers wanting a stealthy, self-camouflaging photoperiod feminised outdoor strain. Also available in autoflower seeds as Auto Duck.

Especially in the north, wet and windy weather is already becoming more and more common place. Many that grow cannabis in the UK find September and October to be the most critical months.

How to grow cannabis outdoors in the UK? You will need good local knowledge of your climate, first frost dates etc. It also helps if you have some prior knowledge of which strains will grow well at your latitude/location. In climates like the South East and South West you should be able to grow photoperiod strains like Frisian Dew and perhaps other strains too.

How many cannabis plants can i grow in UK?

Auto Banana Blaze. This tough Afghani Kush autoflower seed produces heavy harvests with a unique sweet banana taste. Give her a good summer and she can really deliver heavy harvests. A solid and reliable autoflower for growing cannabis in the UK. Part of the Afghani Kush seed collection.

If you get lucky with a warm dry autumn in Southern UK you may still be able to harvest some late blooming plants. Of course there are no weather guarantees so late in the UK outdoor season.

However, if you are growing a few plants outdoors the Police are unlikely to ever be able to link plants to any specific grower. They don’t have the resources for 24 hour surveillance for a small plot of autoflower plants.

What are the best cannabis seeds for the UK climate?

The shorter your grow season, the more that autoflower seeds will appeal. Many outdoor cannabis growers in the UK have several grow locations and use a mix of autoflower seeds and feminised seeds. Some northern growers prefer to avoid the risk and worry of photoperiod feminised seeds and grow autoflower seeds instead. Often they will have staggered start dates for their auto plants so they are harvesting gradually throughout the summer.

It’s difficult to give precise guidelines for every city and grow location in the UK. But by generalising around the four main regions you may be able to get a rough idea of your local challenges. It may help you to conduct some internet research on weather specifics for your grow location, such as typical last frost dates in Spring etc.