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can you grow weed outside in canada

Can you grow weed outside in canada

One gram of dried cannabis is equal (equivalent) to:

You must be 19 and older to buy, use, possess and grow recreational cannabis. This is the same as the minimum age for the sale of tobacco and alcohol in Ontario.

Medical cannabis is regulated by the Government of Canada and will continue to be subject to different rules than recreational cannabis.

Hospitals, hospices, care homes and other facilities

Ontario has a tightly regulated private retail model for cannabis.

The government has enacted the following rules for using cannabis, both medical and recreational.

Cannabis - 19 plus iconMinimum age is 19

You may grow up to four cannabis plants per residence (not per person) if:

You cannot consume cannabis (smoking, vaping and eating) in a vehicle or boat that is being driven or will be driven.

Can you grow weed outside in canada

Don Belanger of the Toronto Drug Squad says his team has no set protocol for homegrown weed.

"To suggest that we're going to have teams of officers peeking in people's backyards to see if they're growing four plants, it's just not realistic," he says, adding that the drug squad will only investigate if there's a complaint.

He adds that no matter where people grow their cannabis, there is a cost advantage to doing it yourself.

Canopy Growth, one of Canada's largest licensed producers, is also working to get more seed varieties into the system across the country.

Scott's Miracle Gro for cannabis?

"For the price-conscious consumer, if you're paying around $10 a gram for the varieties at the store, you might be only paying 50 cents per gram or less for a variety you grow yourself at home," says Rea.

Alberta says there's a "very limited" supply of seeds in the province, and at the Ontario Cannabis Store, only one strain is currently available. A package with four seeds costs $58.

Kelowna, B.C.-based licensed cannabis producer Flowr currently has no seeds for sale, but its director of plant science says that by June, the company will have both seeds and "clones" available.

Seed shortages and big prices

"I'm really excited to be able to grow it," says Matt Soltys, a father of two in Guelph, Ont., and a student of botany at the University of Guelph. "I'm not even a big user of cannabis, but I'm excited to have it in my garden without the stigma or the illegality."

"For new growers at home, they'll do very well with an off-the-shelf fertilizer geared toward something like tomatoes," he says.