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can you grow weed outside in nova scotia

The legalization of recreational cannabis has not changed the way medical patients access cannabis.

The rules for transporting cannabis in a vehicle are the same as alcohol. Cannabis must be in a closed, sealed package and out of reach from anyone in the vehicle. You can be fined up to $2,000 for improper storage.

Legal age adults can grow up to four cannabis plants per household. Each apartment in a house or building is considered a separate household. Take extra care to grow safely if you have children or pets at home.

If you’re 19 or over, you can have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) with you in public. There are no restrictions on how much you can keep in your home, as long as it’s for personal use. Store cannabis safely and keep it away from children and pets.

Keep it closed and out of reach in your car

Federal regulations for the legal sale and production of edible cannabis, extracts and topicals came into effect on October 17, 2019. Consumers should expect to see products on NSLC shelves beginning no earlier than mid-December 2019 due to Health Canada’s review process.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation is the only authorized retailer of recreational cannabis in Nova Scotia. Cannabis can be purchased by adults 19 or over at designated NSLC stores or online. For more information, visit the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

19 is the legal age to use, buy, grow or possess cannabis in Nova Scotia. If you’re under 19, you can be fined or face criminal charges.

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You can only buy cannabis legally from NSLC

While edibles can be produced at home for personal use, it remains illegal under federal law to sell edibles, including at restaurants and markets.

Municipalities may pass additional bylaws that further restrict cultivation. Some have, so be aware of local bylaws.

Smoking will not be allowed in most public places. The Nova Scotia Smoke-Free Places Act, which requires all indoor workplaces and public places, outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, lounges, and cabarets to be smoke-free, was expanded to cover cannabis.

There is no limit for home possession, but cannabis must not be accessible to individuals younger than 19.


Under federal guidelines and Nova Scotia marijuana laws , drivers face graduated penalties, depending on levels of drug or alcohol concentrations, as well as previous offenses.

When legalization takes effect, non-medical cannabis will be available in government liquor stores run by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation. The NSLC operates more than 100 stores in the province, but cannabis will initially only be available in about a dozen stores in Antigonish County, Wentworth and Liverpool. Locations and information are on the cannabis section of the NLSC homepage . The organization is also in the planning stages of opening a stand-alone cannabis store in downtown Halifax.

Medical marijuana in Nova Scotia

All cannabis purchase, sales, and distribution are under the auspices of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

Can you grow weed outside in nova scotia

The HRM report cites concerns about the associated smell. They recommend only allowing plants to be grown inside the home.

The province plans to allow cannabis to be sold at some Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores. HRM planners are still working on amendments to regulate the locations of any facilities for producing cannabis.

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Enforcing the proposed municipal rules would cost nearly $1M a year, staff report finds

If council decides to follow all of the staff recommendations, it would cost about $970,000 a year.

Once finalized, federal laws will let people grow four plants on their own residential property.

A new report says the Halifax Regional Municipality will have to hire eight additional bylaw officers to enforce new municipal cannabis rules.