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can you grow weed outside in the winter

Can you grow weed outside in the winter

The most common period for growing marijuana is usually between the months of April-May (seeds germination), for the September-October harvest (this can vary depending on what planet hemisphere we live; the latitude and the season), since they are the months in which the weather is less hostile, and in the rest of the months, many are the self-growers who devote them, simply, to consume everything they harvested.

How cold affects marijuana

For a long time and specifically in countries where it is not particularly cold all year round, as is the case in most European countries, a large number of marijuana growers devote to this task in the less hostile months of the year, i. e. those that range from April-May (germination and transplantation of seedlings and cuttings) to September-October (harvest), approximately, which is the time of outdoor harvest. The rest of the year, they devote to enjoying the production and prepare the next harvests.

Tips to combat the cold weather

Greenhouse crops, better if glazed

Can you grow weed outside in the winter

Hey what’s up, I bought 10 Bubblegum seeds still have 5 left, 3 didn’t take but 2 did. The first one I grew outside starting in July and in temperatures for France. Sadly to say this one turned out to be a male, but I let it grow anyway love the leave style. The second one is growing now but inside in a small cabinet. The problem is the cold and out of eye for my small children when they are here.
I have made everything need to grow, 2 cabins one in a bedroom 80 cm high and another in the attic 180 cm high. Lighting with CFL 400 watt total, in 6500 for veg. and 2700 for flowering, also ventilation, feeding and timer electric. The attic is the perfect place undercover from my kids, but the cold. The cabin is not insulated for now it depends on the price, that I am looking into this week.
What I’d like to know is information about your ” Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds” they are marked as a cold plant. What is their support for temperature range ? How high do they grow about ? And the time around they take before harvest ?
I have decided not to grow a lot of plants at one time, just enough for a continue the flow. Hash does relive my medical problems like cannabis, and it is very hard to find in the area I live. If you could give me an answer quickly, I would have no problem to purchases this strain either today or Monday. I’ll be waiting to see if you get to answer quickly, if not I’ll be waiting patiently for your answer.
Thanks and later, Tommie

Buy a grow tent and a grow light I suggest Sun Blaster and they are relatively cheap it’ll work the best for germinating…

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If I start growing 1st day of winter in green house and remove the green house at 1st day of spring . When will I harvest flower . I wanna know if warm weather at april or may harm the flower or not ?
And can I harvest 2times (at may and at September )?

Consider growing winter-appropriate strains

Some clever growers will use extra lighting during winter only, to ensure that their plants have enough light to grow. While plants will usually not achieve the yields and qualities achieved in more favourable times of the year, there are plenty of smart hobby gardeners out there that will ensure their supply remains steady even in the harshest times of the year by following this principle.

If you think that growing cannabis in a European winter is impossible, then you’ve been misinformed. With the right conditions in an indoor growing operation, you can successfully yield good quality cannabis. We are here to teach you how to set up and optimize your grow room in the winter time.

Out door growing marijuana in the winter

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If you are an old-school cannabis grower, then you probably love growing in the winter. That is because last decade’s HID (high-intensity discharge lightning) technology emits alot of heat. And if you are using them in the summer time, then you need to pay through the roof for air conditioning. But in winter, HID lights can keep your grow room at the optimal temperature.

indoors winter is the ideal season since you avoid the extremely hot summer period, october to march is the best period. growing indoors april to september can prove much hotter than outdoors, without the aid of an a/c. you can always control the temperature at winter, utilising the house’s own heating vs an open window to the fresh air. this cannot happen without a/c in summer, which by the way can give your plants literally a cold.

Can you grow weed outside in the winter

Dutch Passion undertook some selective high altitude cannabis breeding in the Swiss Alps during the 1990’s. The best performing genetics were selected over several generations until two stand-out strains emerged, Snow Bud and Pamir Gold. Today, both these strains are relied on by many that grow their cannabis in high altitude locations such as the Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada and Caucasus. If your usual strains simply struggle to cope with the temperatures at your grow location then maybe growing some Snow Bud seeds or Pamir Gold seeds is the best strategy for you.

A blackout blind is used to force plants to flower in 12/12 light conditions even if the sun is shining outside. Using a blackout blind allows you to start 12/12 bloom conditions in early summer if you wish. It’s a great way to avoid the coldest temperatures later in the season.

Temperature and humidity are always important when growing cannabis. But for those growing in cold conditions, it is especially important. Controlling outdoor humidity isn’t possible, but the expert outdoor grower is aware of the seasonal fluctuations in his local conditions and will factor this knowledge into the planning.

Outdoor growers need to be particularly aware of some issues that can be seen in cold climates. That’s because cool air tends to be dryer and cannabis roots may compensate with greater water/nutrient uptake. If the soil is particularly rich in nutrients that can cause slight nutrient burn, often visible on the leaf tips.

Specialist High Altitude cannabis seeds for cold climates

If the arrival of the cold autumnal weather arrives too close to the harvest date for your feminised outdoor strains, you may prefer to grow autoflower seeds outdoors. Autoflower seeds are often ready to harvest outdoors around 100 days after germination. The means that you can grow them outdoors even in the shortest of summers.

That’s why many indoor growers grow autoflower seeds during the winter months. With 20 hours of daily light (or even 24 hours!) your grow light will be able to help keep the grow room warm. Though it’s worth adding that some of the latest and most efficient LED grow lights don’t produce much surplus heat at all. Older HPS lights, however, are less efficient and do produce plenty of heat which may come in useful during winter grows.

Auto Duck is an autoflower seed which performs very well in cold climates with short summers. She takes around 100 days from seed to harvest and is another solid autoflower choice for outdoor growers. One added advantage of Auto Duck is that she grows with a stabilised leaf deformity. This gives her natural stealth, you could walk past an Auto Duck and not realise that it’s cannabis! It’s a useful additional feature to a popular outdoor auto strain. The photoperiod feminised seed version called Frisian Duck is also highly recommended for outdoor growers in cold climates.

Top 5 strains to grow in cold weather

Know the signs of a plant which is struggling to cope with poor outdoor conditions. The signs plants are too cold may include the following:

How to grow weed outdoors in winter?/Growing cannabis outdoors in winter? Unless you live in a climate with warm winters (such as a country close to the equator) it is simply impossible to grow cannabis outdoors with good results in winter months.