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CBD is being used by millions worldwide, yet most still ask the same question. Can you combine different CBD products? Find out now. While it’s tempting to combine multiple CBD products, the result of doing so may or may not be ideal. When is it appropriate to do so, and what are the risks?

Can You Combine Different CBD Products?

Experimenting with and discovering new products is part of the joy of CBD. The vast selection on offer today not only allows you to find a product that’s ideal for your lifestyle, but it can be a fun experience too.

Research shows that CBD is safe and non-addictive. As a result, it stands to reason that you could take multiple CBD products and still be safe. Today, we investigate whether this is actually true. Read on to find out whether you can really combine different CBD products.

Are There Any Risks To Combining CBD?

While some people may experience lethargy and a dry mouth, there seems to be little to worry about when it comes to consuming multiple types of CBD products together.

A study published in 2011 in Current Drug Safety, suggests you would need to consume almost 20,000 mg of CBD in a short space of time for CBD to become toxic. This would not only be next to impossible, but it would also be very expensive.

In addition, CBD has been ruled as safe and non-toxic. The World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report in 2018, confirming that this is the case.

What this suggests is that, in general, normal doses of CBD are safe – even when multiple different types of products are consumed together. However, if you have never consumed CBD before, you should take a low dose to start with, and only increase the amount if you don’t experience adverse effects.

Tips (and Benefits) of Combining CBD Products

Combining different CBD products can be beneficial. It allows you to keep up your CBD levels throughout the day, while also allowing you to enjoy several different product types and flavor combinations. Below, we give you our top three tips for combining different CBD products, while also staying safe.

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1. Get to Grips with Micro-dosing

Micro-dosing involves using a very small amount of CBD. Typically, consumers split up their regular dose throughout the day. For example, if 50mg a day works for you, it’s possible to take three ~15-20mg doses at different points in the day. Microdosing in this way means you have more opportunities to try different products and find a combination that works for you.

Once you have figured out an appropriate routine, you can start safely experimenting and combining different CBD products. Bear in mind however that many users describe CBD oil’s effects as subtle – do not expect any instantaneous miracles or profound epiphanies.

2. Vary Your Consumption Methods

The whole point of combining different CBD products is to experience the pleasure of trying something new. You could just microdose using the same product three times a day, but then you would lose out on some of the fun.

Try mixing up your consumption methods and experimenting with new things. The CBD market is huge, and it would be a waste not to play around and try out the many different products on offer. You might even find a new favorite product.

Something to note here is that different consumption methods work in different ways. Vaping CBD will take effect quickly, sublingual oils will be a bit slower, and capsules or edibles may take even longer to kick in. You can’t expect all the products you try to work in the same way, and so don’t be surprised when that CBD gummy bear you just ate doesn’t show any effects for an hour or two.

3. Try a Totally NEW Product Like Our CBD PurePicks!

At PureKana, we work tirelessly to develop our product range and to deliver new, exciting options for loyal customers. One of our newest additions is CBD PurePicks; basically toothpicks that are infused with CBD on both ends for active use.

PurePicks are unique in terms of CBD delivery, but they are highly effective due to the way the CBD is absorbed through vessels in the mouth. They are also ideal for combining with other CBD products since they are simple to consume, and can be taken on the go. They also offer a relatively small amount of CBD, and come in packs of 10 picks in several delicious flavors.

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Final Thoughts on Combining CBD Products

All things considered, combining different CBD products is a completely safe thing to do, as long as you pay attention to your body. If you are taking medication, have a medical condition, or are pregnant, always discuss CBD with a medical professional before taking it.

If you are taking CBD to support your general health, you may wish to take a few different doses throughout the day. By following our above tips and paying attention to what your body is telling you, you can stay fully safe when combining different CBD products.

Got any tips for combining CBD products? What are your favorite products to try out when mixing and matching? Let us know down in the comments!

Can You Take CBD Oil and Gummies Together? – Pros & Cons

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While it’s tempting to combine multiple CBD products, the result of doing so may or may not be ideal. When is it appropriate to do so, and what are the risks?

You can take CBD oil and gummies, among other product options, at the same time, but this practice is only necessary in some cases. Taking too much CBD at once can overwhelm your system, cause negative side effects, and overall offset the potential benefits of your products.

CBD is unique because it won’t cause serious side effects or an overdose, but it can still cause discomfort if used in a way that doesn’t match your needs. It’s crucial, then, to first determine what your CBD-related goals are, how best to achieve them, and any unique circumstances you may want to consider before changing up your routine.

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Can You Combine Different CBD Products?

While it is possible and in many cases safe to combine different CBD products, whether or not you should do so depends on your goals and preferences. Each delivery method and product type has a different bioavailability, so pairing certain products together can actually be beneficial (while other pairings can become overwhelming).

For example, CBD edibles, like gummies, have a lower bioavailability, meaning it takes longer for smaller amounts of CBD to be released into the bloodstream. This means that edible products tend to have a longer onset time, but the duration of their effects last much longer than most other delivery methods.

Pairing something like a CBD vape cartridge with edibles, then, can be a great combination because the vape cartridge will kick in almost immediately and begin to wear off by the time the edible takes effect.

On the other hand, pairing something like CBD oil with edibles can be either beneficial or overkill. Some of the oil you consume will be absorbed sublingually (under the tongue), but some is also absorbed through the digestive tract at the same rate as an edible.

If both products take effect around the same time, a user’s experience may be undesirable. Higher-than-normal doses of CBD are more likely to cause adverse side effects and an experience that’s overall more uncomfortable than beneficial.

So, while you can combine CBD products—you won’t experience an overdose, as we’ll discuss in more depth later—whether or not such a choice is actually advantageous depends on the products you’re using and your desired outcome.

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