Canadian Would Be Grow Burglar Shot and Killed

Canadian Would Be Grow Burglar Shot and Killed

A 25-year-old man passed away from a gunshot wound. The deceased individual was part of a group of three individuals attempting to break and enter a marijuana seed grow operation located in Langley, British Columbia.

The police have not made any arrests, nor do they have any suspects in custody. While it’s certainly sad that a young person had to die, it’s hard to put the blame on the cannabis growers/murderer in this situation.

When you have a hefty grow operation, you have a huge investment. And it’s only natural to want to protect this said investment. Any cultivator of cannabis seeds that doesn’t take precaution and protect themselves is pretty foolish.

Of course, for those people out there trying to steal clones and mature plants for their own benefit–get a job if you’re that hard up for cash. And if you’re serious about making a career in cannabis, start saving money and get your own grow on.

Still, if you are ever faced with intruders into your grow room, at least aim at the legs.