Candy Kush Seeds

Candy Kush Seeds
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Candy Kush Info

PLANT TYPE75% Indica 25% Sativa
THCUp to 18%
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Candy Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Champion of second place in Spannabis Cup 2009 (more resins). Winner of second prize Spannabis Cup 2008 (category resins – Papa’s Candy Kush + TNT) Cup winner in BCN 2007 High LifeWinner of first prize in BCN HighLife Cup 2007 (category Indoor). Winner of first prize in Garraf Cup 2006 (category Indoor). Eva Feminized Papa’s Candy is known as a mixture of a plant from Laos of incredibly strong effect and a beautiful and white Pakistani. We achieved a remarkable result: a plant rather low, really powerful, with buds extremely compact and entirely WHITE, with the number of trichomes it accumulates. Its flavor is sweet and softly aniseed, appropriate for quite possibly the most demanding palates, and that envelops every one of the senses accompanied by a unique smell. The result is very quick and sweeping, very Indian and medicinal. It possesses an extremely swift flowering and may be harvested 45 days, thus obtaining an exceedingly psychoactive plant. Favors heat to cold. Outdoors, the thickness from the buds is absolutely impressive, plus you’ve got to measure excesses of dampness.

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  1. One of the most delicious, most perfect and savory hybrids. So scrumptious and sensory, this variety amalgamates the sugary sweet taste of candy and also the softness of cotton. COTTON CANDY exploits the flavorful properties of the finest cannabis. Years ago the DELICIOUS SEEDS breeder team got the task and started to operate in our warehouse. The quest was to generate a plant having an enormous grow potential without disregarding the organoleptic characteristics usual in DELICIOUS types; a plant with excellent performance both outdoors and indoors as well as in greenhouses, major producer of THC resin, simple to grow, and resistance against fungi, stress, and pests.

  2. Kandy Kush the most recent addition for the DNA Genetics Premier Range Reserva Privada.

  3. The latest strain located on our menu from great ancestors, going back to the 90’s.

  4. Wonder Woman is a higher volume Skunk brand new to Nirvana supplying Fresh Genetics. Wonder Woman supplies a classic rich skunk flavor and a fairly long lasting buzz.

  5. The popular katsu cut of Dutch Flower’s Chocolate Trip helps make the love relationship with my proven extremely lover Afgooey (Afghani x Maui Haze) x Blockhead male (Snowlotus male). This is a new line that is currently in testing. these are limited pre release packs. These seed projects were made in an organic biodynamic growing environment with the utmost care, respect, meditation, and good vibes, using the best parental selections from a small but amazing gene pool. may all your dreams come true and all your seeds sprout.

  6. Alphakronik Genes Alpha Dawg provides farmers the prospect to grow a cross that surpasses all expectations of what quality medical cannabis should be. By blending together the infamous Chemdawg cut as well as their Snowdawg Male, AKG have formulated yields and flavors previously unheard of in the initial Chemdawg line.

  7. Buds long, thin and resinous. Outdoors can be cultivated from April (the first planting) to October (the last). Planting it monthly from April, you can get five crops a year!

  8. Within these feminine Angelmatic seeds, the Sativa element is prevalent.

  9. Fucking Incredible brings improvement to this cannabis classic, her yield is still as big but the density, flavour and potency have all improved. She is a crowd pleaser with guaranteed pleasure in every toke. The best of both worlds. Mostly Indica the Fucking Incredible brings a ton of flavor to the Big Bud. Grown in a two gallon pot and flowered for 7-8 weeks you’ll yield 70-100 grams / 2.5-3.5 ounces.

  10. Trance is a upgrade of Dutch Passion’s former variety Skunk / Indica.With 100% Skunk seeds, it’s not possible fully mature outdoor plants, because the seeds were picked for growing under artificial light and in greenhouses. Skunk was crossed using an early Indica to allow it mature sooner making the plant stronger for outdoor conditions. This is an F-1 generation and has emerged as a very nice strain.

  11. Have you tested the eighth wonder of the world? Don’t be afraid, you can have these cannabis seeds brought to your front door and it won’t create a wreck of your carpet when it gets there. This high yielding beast sativa seed is a mix of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and Chronic. It possesses an extremely high THC content, a pleasant lemony flavor and will have you experiencing like you’ve just been round-housed by a gorilla. If you prefer a cracking cannabis seed which can be almost all about fantastic resin production and rapid growth, then click “Buy Now”…right now. With all the current big brains at Dr Underground guiding it, King Kong is among the top cannabis seed strains available right now. Select this King cannabis seed today!

  12. Grapefruit flavoured, tropical smelling candy sticks. The aroma is amazing, brush up against these beauties for an intoxicating mix of tropical fruits. Renowned for its high yields and its sweet tasting, joyful high. Very sticky icky resin filled bud bombs waiting to detonate, blasting you away with the explosive power of a big bag of fizzy cherry cola bottles. Eat one and you won’t stop until you finish the lot.

  13. A mid size,smooth,potent plant. Flowers in 7-8 weeks.

  14. Originally created as being a pet project, needs have caused to finally offer this item for the masses. By combining two exceptionally well known clone only varieties. We’ve taken the Lemon-Lime within the Spacequeen male and inected it directly into the Christmas-tree composition and sickly sweetness that’s Snowdawg taste and scent.

  15. An ideal balance of spicy and sweet; it cannot be explained by words alone! An extremely special cross for that true connoisseur, a splendidly spicy and sweet bouquet and flavor which could solely be referred to as smoking an exotic salad bar. Tingly at the tongue, soft for the throat and high within the brain, The Real McCoy extends to the various components other weed can’t reach. Cultivated properly, yields can surpass 300 grammes per square metre.

  16. Ice Cream shows a variety of phenotypes, all of them generating a good, appetizing smoke. The standard subject is exceptional speedy development as well as stamina, by having healthy sizable dark green leaves as well as profuse resin creation. Yet another standard subject is actually a creamy, smooth taste that reminds of ice cream. All Ice Cream plants offer copious amounts of trichomes, frequently showing an exceptionally proof accumulation of army-style rows of big resin heads. Ice Cream is actually highly rated as being a sea of green or a multi-branch plant. Ice Cream’s response propensities are games vehicle like, its is the Ferrari with the plants. The buds themselves are actually vivid white and frosty, by having a hint of vanilla. The smoke is actually smooth, by having muffled undertones of skunk and pine. For both tokers and gardeners, Ice Cream furnishes vitality and variety under an effortless vanilla covering.