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cannabis family seeds

Cannabis family seeds

Most of the cannabis plants we know produce green buds. However, the strains from The Red Family come out of the pattern and adopt reddish, purple or bluish tones. The adjectives red, purple and blue stimulate the curiosity of the growers but, in cannabis, the color is not only a matter of aesthetic beauty. They are the expression of a whole range of very special molecules. We are talking about the anthocyanins, which are also responsible for the coloration of many dark fruits and for most of the autumnal tones.

Red Gorilla Girl XL Auto®

To introduce the red-flowered trait in the first varieties of The Red Family, in Sweet Seeds® we used a genetic from Pakistani Hindu Kush ancestors from the Chitral area, close to the border with Afghanistan. We are currently working with other red-flowered varieties to expand the gene pool of our The Red Family.

Red Poison Auto®

The Red Family is a collection of new, exotic and beautiful varieties of red-flowered marijuana. What most attracts the attention to this collection is the astonishing beauty of the plants. When the buds reach maturity they show red, purple and even bluish tones.

Cannabis family seeds

You just have to check which are the components present in each variety and their proportions. In this way you can choose marijuana seeds to grow plants that produce an effect of fun, ecstasy, relaxation or calm, according to your tastes.

Cannabidiol has numerous beneficial properties for our health. Here are just some of the benefits that have been proven in scientific research and experimental studies.


Earn from 2 to 15 delicious coins.
2 coins = €0.20 and 15 coins = €1.50.

CBD marijuana seeds, like the rest of the varieties, need certain specific care.

Antidepressant and antipsychotic

Although, it is true that some strains are easier to grow than others. Such is the case of autoflowering seeds that germinate on their own without the need to control the light cycle.