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cannabis flowers stopped growing

Cannabis flowers stopped growing

When the plant is getting less light each day, it “thinks” winter is coming. This is why giving a plant 12 hours of darkness a day causes it to start flowering.

Sometimes you’ll run into a situation where the buds of one or more of your cannabis plants don’t appear to be maturing as fast as expected, even after you’ve been in the flowering stage as long as the breeder has estimated. Why isn’t your plant ready to harvest yet, and what can you do about it?

Complete Darkness at Night

And of course, make sure to prevent further damage until harvest by lowering your temps, raising your grow lights or both.

If you keep seeing more and more new growth on the buds closest to the lights (especially when combined with all the top leaves being yellow), it is likely a sign of heat or light stress. Buds like this will keep getting thicker and thicker on top closest to the lights.


When looking at the estimated flowering time for a strain (information you can find with nearly every strain from a trustworthy seed source), remember that most breeders start counting when first flowers appear, not after the switch to 12/12. That makes sense for outdoor growers, but indoor growers should add two weeks to the breeder’s listed time for a more accurate estimate.

Cannabis flowers stopped growing

We have 6 plants and 1 of the plants had all yellow leaves, but its also been in there longer than the other 5. Is it possible that plant went past the harvest date? Or what causes plant leaves to go yellow?

We grow at my dads place and I go over there about once a week. I hadnt been over there in 2 weeks though and when I went over there almost all the plants look like they havent grown that much at all in 2 weeks. They have been in there for about 5-6 weeks but have buds on them that look like maybe 3-4 weeks old.

Next thing is my dad said he had left the window open for a couple days when the temp was getting down into the high 30s low 40s
Is it possible the plants are in shock? If so will they come out of it with the right temps again?
Its been 4 days since Ive noticed and they dont look like they’re dying but their leaves are curled under by a descent amount and dont look like a strong leaf if that makes any sense.

Is there something I can add into the soil to help them pull through? IF that is my problem

Or maybe these plants I have in there just have a longer harvest date than the other plants I used to get? I get different ones from my cannibus store every so often so they’re never the same plants

Cannabis flowers stopped growing

theres some pretty crazy responses here lol

im honestly not even sure what this post is about

I to am having the same problem this is my 1st grow as well I’m about 6 weeks into flower and my plant has stop bud growth and the last pic is of plant 2 starting 12/12 in the same closet but she only started spouting pistols 2 weeks ago

maybe the tilt of the moons gravitational pull has caused everyones plants to stop growing

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Mine did same thing 2nd grow
Pic two shows my seedling on left pk ripper clone on right and center is pk ripper bonsai’d currently under root washing due to nasty organics i ran

I try not keep the sarcasm to a min. this is meant to be more funny than anything else